Very Impressive Side Thigh Tattoo Designs & Ideas

The legs, due to their size, offer a perfect place to make large tattoos. Without having the width of the back, the legs, from the thighs to the ankles, offer many centimeters on which to make drawings.

We can divide the leg into two large parts, the thigh and the calf part. You can do combined or separate designs, many times due to the difficulty of joining both with an area such as the knee. The leg, being rounded and having an outer and inner part, is perfect for embossed tattoos or with meanings other than those that can offer other parts of the body that are much flatter.

One of the ideal leg tattoos is designs of vines, trees, or sets of plants. This is especially in women and with the possibility of showing colorful, beautiful, and large tattoos that cross the leg.

In men, you can see the same drawings of other parts of the body, such as tribal drawings on the calf or starting from the quadriceps. The tribal design dates back to our ancestors and gives this tattoo a meaning associated with warfare, and belonging to a tribe, and in many cases tries to indicate a deeper knowledge of our roots, a connection with our past.

Side thigh tattoo

The thigh in particular is one of the easiest areas for tattoo artists to draw,

in fact, it is sometimes chosen for very complex tattoos. One of the problems that can arise in the case of many men is the presence of a lot of hair, which naturally hinders the work of the tattoo artist.

Although the leg is not homogeneous, due to the bones and ligaments, it can serve as excellent inspiration for the experts and let them free their imagination.

When it comes to fancy tattoos, the possibilities are endless. One of these tattoos may be one of the last I’ve found, a colorful, mid-thigh rubber band design. Without a doubt a very sexy tattoo. Although in general this area, especially in women, has a highly attractive component that can be used for these designs.

Side thigh tattoo


symbols of tattoos

The thigh also offers due to its size a great place to tattoo long sentences or even short poems. Other possible designs are football team badges, logos, and symbols of all kinds and all usually enlarged, given the space available.

The legs, like other double parts of the body, offer a perfect space for double tattoos. These may be designs that complement each other or are related to the same design. For example treasure maps that start on one leg and end on another or tribal tattoos.

Side thigh tattoo Side thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoo for girls: sketches, patterns, inscriptions

Female tattoos on the thigh help decorate any female representative and emphasize her individuality. Such underwear designs can have different sizes – be small or extend to the entire thigh of the girl. A variety of female frog tattoo designs As for the images themselves, their textures can be completely different. For example, hip tattoos are popular in the form of. A rather elegant design is the image of a Chinese dragon, made in color or black and white. If this is a black-and-white tattoo, it is associated with respect for ancestors or parents. The red dragon is a sign of love and passion. The golden dragon is a symbol of wisdom. It turns out that the color of the tattoo is also important and this should be remembered. If a girl depicts a gun behind a garter on her flop, most likely you have a real flirt in front of you, characterized d full of the spirit of adventurism.

Drawings of stars

Drawings of stars and even entire constellations are also popular. Often women depict small birds on their hips flying out of some other pattern. If you turn to a professional, he will be able to choose a suitable texture and composition or offer a catalog of tattoos, from which you yourself will choose the image that you like best, will impress or adapt to the meaning. Fortunately, the hip area in girls suggests the possibility of applying a variety of tattoos: concise or intricate, simple or pretentious, which symbolize nothing or carry special meaning. As a rule, today, very often, girls put on their hips (order) brighter and more colorful tattoos.

They believe this is how they convey the richness of their inner world. Among other things, such wearable designs allow you to emphasize the physical beauty of the body, immediately attract attention and attract attention, for example, on the beach. When choosing a particular tattoo, you need to think about whether it will have the same meaning and significance for you after a certain time as it currently does. If not, then it is better to apply a temporary tattoo (made with henna) rather than permanently imprint something on your skin that will lose meaning for you after a certain period of time.

thigh tattoo for a woman

In general, a thigh tattoo for a woman is a good solution if a suitable design is selected and a good master is working on applying it. One of the most popular hip tattoo designs is flowers. They look feminine and bold at the same time, and it’s not easy to get lost in a huge number of different topics. Consider the most interesting ideas, and talk about styles, colors, and features. Perhaps this will help you make your choice. Colors On the thigh it may be black. But, perhaps, no other texture has such a beautiful color as this one. Therefore, many girls choose colorful tattoos. Flower coloring can be both natural and the most amazing. Red roses are a classic that always looks good. But why shouldn’t they be purple? Such solutions also often seem very beneficial.

A popular trend is white tattoos on the thigh. Flowers made with white paint look especially delicate and sophisticated. They look like real lace. Stile Realism, old school, Chicano, tribal: it would seem that there is no style for which “Flowers” tattoos on the thigh would not be relevant. Birds, little animals, and butterflies, surrounded by colorful flowers, look very cute.

A great idea for adding personality and style to your sketch is to add lace, chains, or beads. Location Flowers on the thigh are tattoos, photos of which show that they look both cute and provocative at the same time… And someone, on the contrary, likes big tattoos that you can show off, dressed in short shorts or a dress. You can place such a tattoo on the side, front, or back of the thigh.

Lily is a popular subject for tattoos.

After all, each flower means something special. Lily is a popular subject for tattoos. . This is not just a symbol of power, but rather a sign of a wise and just ruler. She adorned many August families (for example the Tudor coat of arms). The lily tattoo on the thigh never carried any negative coloring. The queen rose of flowers is no less common texture. It is a symbol of femininity, luxury, charm, and immortal beauty.

Florists agree that this flower is more suitable for a mature and accomplished woman than for a young girl. When choosing this motif for the image on the thigh, think carefully about whether it will not seem too heavy and binding over time. The lotus is not just a flower, but a symbol of wisdom, mercy, and heavenly light. The philosophical teachings of the East exalt it like no other plant. If you are fond of oriental culture, perhaps the lotus is exactly your option.

Small bright yellow suns appear in full spring, delight the eye and remind you of the imminent arrival of summer. Such flowers often decorate themselves with cheerful dreamers, easy-going, and ready for adventure.  Chamomile is a symbol of carelessness, lightness, and sweet natural beauty. These little suns often decorate themselves with girls who want to emphasize youth, a positive worldview, and kindness. Many believe that tattoos with daisies and other charming flowers bring luck and prosperity to their owners. With the right choice of tattoo sketch on the leg, girls can become an ideal and very extravagant decoration.


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