Unique Stylish Half Sleeve Tattoos You Need To See!

Today, it is incredibly fashionable to fill in half sleeve tattoos. This tattoo takes a lot of skin from the shoulder to the elbow. The figure, in this case, can be anything: a Japanese-style Maori or fantasy. And, of course, at different scales – from colorful, vibrant images to monochrome. Furthermore, it is appropriately supplemented by the inscription.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

Stylish Half Sleeve Tattoos


It’s worth noting that it’s easy to have a packing site on hand. Therefore, depending on the total volume of these components covers 3 separate form sleeves:

  • Upper half sleeve tattoo on his arm – in this case, the pattern is an elbow or shoulder padding from wrist to elbow;
  • When the length is drawn from the wrist to the shoulder;
  • Quarter – if the picture is halfway up the forearm or shoulder.

You can often see a half-sleeve tattoo that has pictures scattered on it to meet the referents. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the original owner filled his hands with any particular subject and then painted it in the middle.

Of course, with half-set tattoos, the hope is to create a certain plot, motive, manner, and mood. For example, it could be a common theme such as cosmic physics, biomechanics, historical patterns, or PR, it would be advisable to assign semi sleeve to create a blackwork style, which is a robotic hand, filled with all black. Do this semi-sleeve as well for people who want to hide their old tattoos.

Half Sleeve Tattoos


It should be noted that the half-set caused emotional storms in society, for example, such as the large tattoo “Dragon Babu” on his hand. His opponents far outnumbered his supporters. The first major argument: tattoos are hard to hide from prying eyes, especially in summer. In fact, if the future of a student especially doesn’t think about it, half sleeves emphasize your personality and how to carry it forward above everything else, then ten years from now, there is a high probability that this sleeve will complicate the search for normal operations. In this way and through the sleeves as soon as it comes into our lives.

It is said by people who do not know what half sleeves mean. He holds up the person, apart from the grey quality, in addition to the hand is nice and comfortable to do 3D images.


The most logical one is to create a complete picture, at the same time in different stages without destroying it, for example, a nice-looking tattoo of “Dragon Babu” on his hand. It’s wise to choose any story – it’s stylish, beautiful, and normal. The preferred subject matter, what limitations are there: biomechanics, history of life, etc.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

By the way, there is a common belief that half-sleeve tattoos – this is the prerogative of men. Just saying, it’s not true. Girls tend to oscillate just as well, sometimes more than men.

The main difference is the fact that women are somewhat conservative – they opt for the classic model. While men can surprise you with your choices: you can see images of their hands more interestingly than in famous art galleries.


The male hand just gave the Lord more space. And, as mentioned above, stronger sex tends to tend to experiment. They can test your body and yourself and easily give you new territory. Women, in turn, tend to be conservative, preferring more traditional and conservative motives in choosing plots. We’re also interested in experiments, let’s be specific about male hands.

Half Sleeve TattoosHalf-sleeve tattoos can be done in grunge polka style. Recently, in wide circles, he is little known, working on several volumes of dare divorce. To date, the players have managed to embody absolutely incredible ideas in their hands.

It’s interesting, by the way, but at the moment, enough interesting things can be found on the market – so-called disposable tattoo sleeves. This film fits just like clothes and looks almost indistinguishable from tattoos. Of course, this simulation is very popular among people who want to create images for meetings with friends, theme parties, or other festive events.


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