While small and delicate designs have their own charm, a piece of arms covered with a nice tattoo certainly has a bigger impact, as it covers a large portion of skin, potentially reaching up to the wrist.

Alternatively, you can opt for a half design, which usually stops at the elbow. Perhaps the best thing about these body art forms is that there are so many different variations you can draw on that you can certainly make your tattoo as unique as possible.

For example, if you want to honor your faith and religious beliefs, you could embellish this part of the body with symbols such as a cross, or an angel, while those who want to show traits like fidelity can choose a wolf or other animal.

Here are 10 fantastic ideas to be seen and inspired by!

Half sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

It is certainly not necessary to cover the whole arm to affirm one’s personality: for this reason, a half sleeve is certainly a popular choice for many women. As the name suggests, the design starts at the upper arm and ends in the middle, stopping around the elbow. Choosing this option will provide you with a slightly more subtle hint of beauty, and is a fantastic alternative for those who want to hide their artwork if you don’t want to opt for this kind of tattoo too broadly. In fact, you can easily hide the tattoo on business occasions or formal events.

Full sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

A sleeve tattoo takes hours of dedication to complete, but the results are truly impressive. In this case, the tattoo ink usually starts from the upper arm and extends to the wrist, creating a large “canvas” that covers large portions of the skin. With so much space available, you will be able to show off your creativity, with designs that will incorporate different elements.

Skull tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

A skull tattoo can undoubtedly look “intimidating”, but there is an inherent beauty in this design as well. Moreover, you can replicate it with many tattoo ideas and styles, and you can opt for something realistic or abstract depending on your preferences. It is a recognizable symbol, highly popular for decades. It is also a rather bold statement, and often represents life or death, and is then combined with various other symbols.

Tribal tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a truly excellent way to create body art that is deeply personal and meaningful. Symbols may vary between ancient tribes, but it is usually something that was made to symbolize their social status, tell a story, offer protection, or show the achievements of an individual or community. There are many different interpretations of traditional symbols nowadays, particularly intricate and inspiring, which we invite you to explore!

Tattoo with Jesus

Sleeve Tattoos

If you want to pay homage to your religious beliefs, then you may want to do it with a Jesus tattoo. The Son of Christ represents several things to Christians, including the ideas of love, rebirth, and resurrection. For many people, the decision to tattoo a symbol like Jesus is incredibly powerful and demonstrates an individual’s faith. You can choose to make it the focal point of your arm, or add other images to tell a story.

3D tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

The artistry of some tattoo artists is truly impressive, and there are many talented individuals whose work is so excellent that they can create a very realistic design. If you want something that stands out on the skin, for example, you may be attracted to the 3D tattoo approach. The extra dimension brings these tattoos to life, which can be awesome!

Celtic tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

The time and effort it takes to create a tattoo that covers the entire arm is quite important, but the result is worth it! Moreover, this belief is even more ingrained at the moment in which it is a piece that has a profound personal meaning for those who adopt it, and this is precisely the reason why many people choose to honor their ancestors and mythological inspirations with drawings. they choose. Celtic tattoos are very intricate, and often include intricate knots and symbols, which make them interesting to look at, but also give some freedom and creativity when it comes to designing the design.

Dragon tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that symbolizes power, wisdom, and protection, then you certainly can’t do without a dragon tattoo. The designs are often intricate, but also exceptionally beautiful, and lend themselves well to a full arm tattoo due to the shape of this “mythical” beast. There are many variations, and some opt for bright colors, while others prefer the boldness of classic black ink. One thing we can all probably agree on, though, is that these creatures represent something strong and courageous, and this is a great way to show what these same qualities mean to you.

Viking tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

 They conquered many lands and were known to be fearless and merciless warriors who were thirsty for battle. That said, there was another side to them as well, and their belief in multiple deities is fascinating. Tattoos were also a popular part of their culture

Tattoo with phrases

Sleeve Tattoos

A picture is said to say much more than a thousand words, but sometimes clearer messages can be conveyed with a “quote” that is particularly popular. It is for this reason that many people choose to incorporate phrases into their tattoos. For example, you could include a poem by your favorite poet, a speech from a movie, or a text from a song that is particularly dear to you. The choice is yours, and it’s endless!

Fake tattoo sleeves, the latest trend from the United States

They slip on like a sock and adhere like a second skin

Wanting a tattoo is an idea that comes up often but many of us immediately try to restrain ourselves by thinking about the consequences. With age, in fact, our skin ends up becoming less toned and elastic and who knows, at that point, what our tattoo would be like at 70 years old. A valid solution for all women is represented by tattoo tights that simulate the effect on the legs, creating the illusion of having designs and geometries on one’s body until then only imagined.
This idea, however, is now spreading more and more so much so that recently the first fake tattoo sleeves have seen the light. In English they are defined with the term “ fake sleeve tattoo” And in a few seconds, they guarantee men, women, and children a truly amazing effect. Their secret lies in nylon and elastane, a very special synthetic fiber that adheres to the arms or torso just as if it were a second skin. Just wear the fake tattoo sleeves just like a sock and no one will notice the difference. Of course, to hide the gap between the fabric and the skin it would be better to use rather large accessories such as watches and bracelets so as not to let the eyes of incredulous friends and relatives fall on the funny novelty.

Sleeve Tattoos

You can find them online, they come from the United States and cost very little

At the moment they are available on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, they cost very little and can be purchased both individually and in pairs but also in a set containing 6 or 12 pairs. The idea, which came directly from the United States, is slowly spreading around the world and wildfire conquering all those who until now had always wanted a tattoo but had never had the courage to really do it.

Sleeve Tattoos

The best 10 subjects for sleeve tattoos

Tattoos are a way to express your thoughts and culture.

There are cultures that have used this art form in ancient times, both for simple artistic decoration also to determine their role within society, as in the case of the Maori warriors.

Let’s see 10 different themes from which you can draw inspiration.

1. The Celtic Cross on the sleeve

Sleeve Tattoos

It is an ancient design that symbolizes eternal love for life and humanity in general.

2. Floral sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

In addition to being very aesthetically pleasing, they can communicate different meanings depending on the flower chosen. Flowers usually sympathize with femininity and it is clear that it is a type of motif more suitable for women.

Since it covers the whole arm, in my opinion, it is preferable to choose a realistic drawing style, regardless of the type of flower.

3. The Musical Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

If you are a musician or even a simple music lover, here is a truly unique idea: to transform your sleeve into a musical score.

4. Artistic sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

Another subject that you can choose is that related to art. Imagine a painting that develops over the entire surface. It will be an element of strong appeal because from every side you look at it, you find yourself immersed in a masterpiece.

In our example we propose Van Gogh’s starry night: you can evaluate the final effect yourself …

5. Space sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

Space is also well suited for a sleeve tattoo, you can take advantage of the incredible colors it offers us. You can choose to represent our solar system, but also imaginary and very distant worlds.

6. Travel sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

Are you a traveler? Nothing better than integrating all the characteristic elements of a journey on the arm. There is the classic compass with a map, but you can also opt for re-representations of suitcases, postcards, postmarks, planes, passports, and so on.

7. Aztec sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

The Aztec style is one of the most recommended when it comes to tribals on the sleeve. It is clear that you can also consider other cultures, but the complexity of their designs and the wealth of elements to insert, certainly make them preferable.

This type of subject gains even more strength with a three-dimensional effect.

8. Indian sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

Native Americans also offer several elements that can be used to make up a sleeve. From the classic representations of Indian garments to the use of totems, tomahawks, feathers, and dream catchers.

9. Greek god’s sleeve tattoo

Sleeve Tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo that expresses unlimited strength and power, why not consider the Greek gods?

Their culture was full of gods, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. In the Greek world we also find the great thinkers of the past and therefore also the portrait of a philosopher with a famous quote, can be a good idea.

10. Sleeve tattoo lettering

Sleeve Tattoos

Likewise, if you are a literature lover, you can give an ode to your favorite authors by citing some particularly significant passages for you.

How to choose the right sleeve tattoo for you

When deciding on the subject of a sleeve tattoo it is important to consult your trusted tattoo artist first.

Sleeve Tattoos

One factor to consider is definitely the price. Tattoos of this type are quite expensive and typically take several sessions to complete. It is a commitment that you must also consider in terms of time.

Ask your friends for suggestions, but what’s really important is that you express something you really feel.

As for the color, you will essentially have to decide whether to do it completely colored or in black and white. Each design lends itself to a particular color, but in the superhero image above you can see what a fully colored arm looks like.