Shoulder Tattoos For Men And Their Meanings

one of the trends that have hit the most in recent years Shoulder Tattoos For Men, in many different types. For men or women, whatever the designs and sizes are chosen, the shoulder is a place that is well suited to host drawings and tattoos of different natures and sizes. Whether it is the whole shoulder or not, the tattoo in this circumscribed place of the body is always in trend because it is a place that is not tired, delicate, and sometimes even sensual.

There’s a reason the shoulder tattoo is always in fashion: for women, it’s a glamorous place, while for men it’s a simple area to cover, a t-shirt is enough. The shoulder is also a strategic position, as the design can be stretched up to the back. There is pain, especially with slightly protruding bones. This option is definitely in fashion among women. Men, on the other hand, prefer to drop the tattoo down to the armor to cover the chest, albeit partially. In any case, those who choose this area prefer tattoos of considerable size.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Tattoos: Ideas with Pictures

There are many types of tattoos that are ideal for covering the shoulder. The female audience tends to opt for refined designs, flowers above all, but also carp (koi), and stars. For boys and men, on the other hand, tribal signs are a must. The same goes for dragons and skulls. Here is a comparison of girls ‘and boys’ perspectives when it comes to shoulder tattoos.

Finally, we will also list different types of Maori tattoos, which we have already talked about in another article, ideal for being drawn on the shoulders of both men and women. It is also interesting to see the different types of old-school tattoos, to understand which is the best for your needs or the different solutions for those who need small tattoos.

Men’s shoulder tattoos with meanings

Those who get their shoulder tattooed the most are men, so let’s see shoulder tattoos for men. Maori signs, skulls, Indians, eagles, and wrestlers are the favorite designs. Black and gray are currently the two most popular colors for this type of tattoo. However, it is worth pointing out how fashion is changing. This is evident from some particularly flamboyant shades that, years ago, might have appeared exaggerated, while today it is not in the most absolute way.

This category of shoulder tattoos has a medium-high difficulty level as a common denominator since there are different motifs within the same design. Just think of the Blackout Tatoowhich is a totally black and super-covering tattoo. In some respects, it can be compared to a real night coat, since it colors the entire shoulder. However, let’s see some very fashionable male shoulder tattoos on the shoulders.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Tattoos: Dragon in Flight

Very fashionable among men is the tattoo of the dragon in flight. The shoulder lends itself perfectly due to the constant movements. The meaning is that of someone who never gives up, even in the most obvious moments of difficulty. Typical of an upward-flying dragon. Often the sun is depicted, just as a goal to be achieved, as a goal to be conquered. Other times, the dragon is depicted, breathing fire. This tattoo is very popular among those with a passionate disposition.

Shoulder Tattoos: Shower Head

The shower head is also a very trendy tattoo on the male shoulder. The reason? Expresses maximum freedom. A breath of wind is enough to see its petals flutter in the air which, if they turn into birds, as is often seen, express an even greater sense of freedom. At the same time, they manifest both a spiritual and emotional character, typical of those who love to change simple things into something totally different. Don’t fall into the mistake of considering it only feminine.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men


Shoulder Tattoos: Dream Catcher

Among dreamers, the shoulders are also a strategic point to get a dream catcher tattooed. The meaning is that of an amulet to protect evil spirits, as the Native American legend indicates. The threads that are knotted from the wooden circle cross, create a dense network. The sacred feathers ultimately have the job of trapping bad dreams. This allows those who have had this tattoo done to sleep sweet dreams.

Shoulder Tattoos: Indian with wolf

It is precisely the Red Indians, the American Indians, who have played a decisive role in the culture of tattoos. And their charm still remained intact. Very popular is the tattoo of the Indian with a wolf, as it evokes the warrior, divine strength, and supernatural powers. The wolf is also rich in meanings: from fidelity to the sense of protection, from the guiding spirit of its puppies to courage. Since Indians are particularly complex subjects with a very deep meaning, the shoulder is one of the most chosen points, given the width of the surface. Male shoulder tattoos tend to occupy the entire area in fact.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Tattoos: Eagle in Flight

Of iconic and majestic animals such as an eagle in flight, there are very few. With its wingspan, an eagle tattooed on the shoulder symbolizes royalty. But also the power in the skies, the refusal to submit to orders, and patriotism. In short, the flying eagle, if tattooed on the shoulders, is typical of those with a rebellious soul and of those who for nothing in the world would give up their free spirit.

Shoulder Tattoos: Full-Length Wrestlers

This kind of tattoo is particularly appreciated on the shoulder since the visual result lends itself to infinite variations relating to the position of the body and facial expressions. And, from this point of view, the shoulders prove to be a strategic position like few others. The full-length representation of the wrestler is very fashionable, where the details of the hands and armor must be meticulously cared for.

Gettonata is the figure of the enraged warrior with the bodies of the murdered warriors lying at his feet on the ground. This tattoo is very much loved by those who have the goal of winning in anything. The helmet with the horns and the ax is really beautiful to look at. But there is not only the image of brute victory to become popular among lovers of this kind of tattoo. Also very popular is the drawing of the Aztec warrior waving the flag of victory or that of the Japanese samurai sitting on a tigerA less violent but equally intense representation.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Tattoos: Pegasus

The winged horse is another type of design that is very recurrent in men’s shoulder tattoos. Symbol of total freedom, but also of assistance, it is typical of those who want to express a feeling of constant presence. ” For you, I will always be there “.Shoulder Tattoos: Lion

The lion is an animal symbol of courage and honor. The king of the savannah, not surprisingly, is a very popular design when we talk about shoulder tattoos, both male and female. The lion symbolizes strength, pride, and also indomitable strength. . In the Far East, the lion is compared to a dragon, because it is attributed to the power to drive out negative spirits, bringing well-being and health to people.


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