Awesome Rose Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2023

Rose tattoos are definitely a favorite among the designs that women use to adorn their bodies. It is equated with love, and affection, but combined with other elements, it can take on a completely different symbolic meaning. We have collected the funniest rose tattoo designs for you and explained what they mean to you.

Rose tattoos can take the form of discreet, minimalistic patterns and adorn the wrist, finger, or ear area. Medium-sized roses usually appear on the nape, feet, or collarbone. The back, hands, and legs, on the other hand, allow you to create impressive blooms that are often combined with other motifs like skulls, dream catchers, or clocks.

Rose Tattoo

Meaning of rose tattoos

Among the flower tattoos, it is the rose motif that is the most popular. It is due not only to the fact that this flower is beautiful and has a unique charm. With the help of a rose, you can also express many different emotions, beliefs, and attitudes to life.

The meaning of rose tattoos is related to, among other things, the color of the flower or the additional elements that appear in the drawing together with it. The red rose is a symbol tattooed on the body that refers to hot feelings, love, and femininity. White, in turn, refers to purity, and innocence. A black rose usually signifies passing, mourning, or the end of love.

A rose with thorns alludes to the obstacles encountered in life, especially those related to relationships. If the rose is accompanied by a clock, the tattoo refers to eternal love, a feeling that resists passing. The clock can record an important time for a given person, e.g. a wedding. A rose with a butterfly refers to youth and delicacy, while a flower drawn with a skull acts as an amulet to protect against problems. The rose combined with the dream catcher also has a symbolic meaning – it is also supposed to “ward off” evil spirits and powers.

Often the rose flower is placed in a triangle. The triangle is identified three times: past, present, and future, as well as the beginning, middle, and end. The rose and the triangle can therefore symbolize an eternal, everlasting feeling.

Rose Tattoo Rose Tattoo

A Black rose tattoo on the arm

You should get a tattoo on your arm if you have a fairly low pain threshold. This place is one of the less painful ones, although of course the discomfort will still be felt. The arm tattoo usually appears on the inside of the arm, but the drawing can also be done on the back of the arm. Below is a proposal for a fashionable and original black rose tattoo.

Women’s rose tattoo on the forearm

The forearm tattoos are rather large and extend from the elbow to the wrist. Getting a tattoo on the forearm is a bit more painful than on the arm or thigh, but still less annoying than drawing a drawing behind the ear, for example. You can be tempted to create a drawing of the rose itself or combine it with a mandala or dream catcher.

Women’s rose tattoo on the hand: fashionable sleeve

Arm and forearm tattoos can take the very fashionable form of a sleeve tattoo. Such a tattoo on the arm wraps around it, creating the illusion of a sleeve. It’s big and won’t be easy to hide, especially in summer, so think carefully before trying it. A rose looks beautiful as a sleeve tattoo, preferably with a few flowers interspersed with leaves and stems.

Rose Tattoo Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo on the collarbone

The collarbone is one of those parts of the body that is associated with sensuality and femininity. No wonder it is women who often decide to decorate this place. The perfect proposal for a female tattoo on the collarbone is a rose, symbolizing love and affection. And if you want to hide the drawing, you can easily cover it with a blouse.

Rose tattoo on the neck and nape

The neck is the perfect location for small women’s tattoos. The unobtrusive drawings that appear behind the ear have a special charm. The tattoo behind the ear is very sensual and feminine, but you have to reckon with the fact that this place is one of the most painful due to strong innervation and a thin layer of subcutaneous fat.


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