Most Popular Forearm Tattoos for Women – (2023 Cute Design Ideas)

Nowadays people get tattooed on any area of ​​the body. From the arms to the legs, passing through the hips and without forgetting also delicate areas such as the groin. No part of the body is off-limits anymore. And rightly so. Creativity needs space and the human body has a lot of space. But among fashions that come and go there are, even in the world of tattoos, trends that never die. Forearm tattoos, for example, are evergreens. That of the forearm is, in fact, one of the favorite areas for tattoos for both men and women.

So let’s see together what are the most popular features, styles, and designs for forearm tattoos and what are the pros and cons of this procedure.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

Inner or outer forearm tattoos: pros and cons

The forearm tattoos for men and women are undoubtedly the most popular. This area of ​​the body, in fact, in addition to being quite wide and smooth, is also visible. Forearm tattoos are always very noticeable but easy to hide. If you are tied to a fairly formal work environment, you just need to cover everything up with a long-sleeved shirt or shirt. Obviously, in the summer it will be more problematic to hide the tattoo but this is the price to pay for being creative and bubbly.

On the forearm, you can now see drawings of all kinds; from the classic Maori forearm or oriental tattoos to the more particular biomechanical or Siberian tattoos. There is something for everyone. However, there is one important thing to consider if you are considering getting a tattoo in this area: pain.

The forearm is a particularly delicate area and deciding to get a tattoo right here is not a walk in the park. Forearm tattoos are painful enough to make. This is because the whole area is affected by a large number of nerve endings. In addition, the layer of fat between the epidermis and the deeper layers of the skin is not very thick; the fat, in fact, helps to cushion the blows of the needles of the tattoo artist.

If you can’t stand the pain well but don’t want to give up your tattoo, there is a solution. Many tattoo artists nowadays use anesthetizing creams. These products, based on lidocaine, are applied to the skin a few minutes before the procedure begins. In this way the area is asleep and the tattoo is painless or at least less painful.

The perception of pain, in fact, varies from person to person. You must also consider that anesthetizing creams are not as powerful as a medical anesthetic that must be injected. You may therefore still experience some discomfort during the procedure.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

Forearm tattoos for men and women

Men and women conceive of forearm tattoos differently. Obviously, there are no precise rules that apply to both sexes but we can identify the generic style and design preferences for both categories.

For men, tattooing their arms is almost the order of the day. More and more children but also adults are choosing the inner or outer forearm area for their tattoos. Among the most popular styles and subjects from the male world, there are undoubtedly the tribal ones with particular attention to Maori or American Indian cultures.

The Maori are a Polynesian people, now widespread, especially in New Zealand, who have made tattoos a real art. In fact, in their culture, tattoos are used as a graphic representation of the most important events of their lives. Having no written tradition of any kind, everything that happened in the Maori tribes was passed down through tattoos. It is for this reason that, over time, the symbols used have increased more and more. Many of these have a strong spiritual charge and some of them act as protection for the wearer as if they were powerful talismans against bad luck.

To create beautiful Maori forearm tattoos, the tattoo artist must be very skilled at mixing all these symbols. A feature of these tattoos is in fact their complex and monochromatic design made up of almost geometric lines and shapes. Looking at them from a distance they almost seem to be abstract drawings but, if you look at them closely, you can recognize all the major Maori symbols.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

The most tattooed Areas

The forearm is one of the most tattooed areas within the male universe, but it is also a very popular area for all women who wish to tattoo some symbol on a visible part of the body, large enough to allow their creativity to let off steam. and quite easy to cover if – for example – body artwork is not appreciated in the workplace (it will be enough to adopt some long sleeves).

Forearm tattoo: small or large?

A first crossroads for all women who are approaching the realization of their first (or not) tattoo on the forearm these days, is represented by the need to identify how large it should be.

Many women, for example, love minimalist tattoos, which are particularly fashionable in recent years, therefore choosing to tattoo a few square centimeters, towards the wrist or towards the elbow. Other women instead prefer very large tattoos, almost entirely covering this area.

It goes without saying here that the most popular is certainly the first: contrary to what happens in the male world, where large tattoos on the forearm are not rare, the female universe prefers to focus almost exclusively on small tattoos, which can therefore embellish this area of ​​the body without however exceeding the portions of skin occupied by the tattoos.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

What to tattoo on the forearm

Of course, if you have already chosen to tattoo only a small portion of skin on the forearm, you are unlikely to opt for a very complex and detailed design, preferring instead mainly an easy design, without too many shapes. On the other hand, the discourse linked to the preference for a large tattoo is different: in this case, your creativity will have to prevail, choosing between more or less bright colors, original details, and so on.

Of course, nothing prevents you from focusing on designs of various kinds, or integrations between multiple styles. In short, even in this case, it is certainly worth remembering how the starting point in identifying the best tattoo can only be yourself: therefore try to think about what you want to be able to replicate on your skin and what the meanings you want to reconnect. to that tattoo.

Forearm tattoos: black lines

Have you already wondered what the forearm tattoos consist of black lines represent? Not all the same, of different thicknesses. They surround the arm. And they even owe their origin to Japan in the 1700s.

It was the Edo period, from about 1600 to 1870. There were two types of tattoos: the Irezumi, performed as a result of guilt, a permanent punishment; the Horimono, voluntary tattoos for aesthetic and spiritual purposes, made by free men. The black lines, in this historical period, were one of the five punishments that the Japanese inflicted on anyone who made fun of the law.

This discrimination would end in 1870, almost two centuries later. In the beginning, it was the criminals themselves who embellished the black lines or used them as a symbol to scare people.

But what if the black lines came from primitive tribes? They actually used these kinds of lines to indicate social status. They could be horizontal or vertical. In short, a glance was enough to know the rank of whoever was in front of you and to behave accordingly.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to replace mourning for a dead person with a black line tattoo on their forearm. Most of those who use this tattoo today, however, do not do it as a sign of mourning, but because they find it fascinating and aesthetically beautiful.

Forearm Tattoos for Women Forearm Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoo

The symbols and shapes of these tattoos are characteristic of certain cultures and were rescued from tribes such as Celts, Borneo, or Maori. Their shape is popular in other cultures, making them look perfect. On parts like arms and back. The male population feels strong and strong and exposes the tattoos on their forearms, mostly around their contours, leaving no free space.

There are drawings with specific symbol systems from which to mark strength and courage, even those that symbolize leadership, tribal designs with animal shapes, or any other three-dimensional drawings with very realistic shapes.

animal tattoo

They love pictures of animals they give leadership and power. From eagle, bear wolf, or tiger face. Forearms come in infinite shapes and colors, and we can choose the animal that is closest to our personality. Cats or felines, even lions represent strength and ferocity. Doves represent peace and love.

 Phrase tattoo

Why tattoo with phrases or single words? Words can reveal some of the important things in our lives, be it English or the language itself.

Some phrases or words that can inspire you: are love, freedom, bravery, joy, imagination, living, restless, “accept your destiny”, “never stop dreaming”, “smile every day”, and “no rest”. Remember that they can silkscreen letters with very nice and handmade shapes, or accompanied by drawings such as bows, hearts, little curved lines, or even arrows.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

Small bracelet

They are original, simple, and equally well-dressed for men and women.

arrow tattoo

The arrow is also another feature map. Its shape indicates direction, something we want to point to or draw attention to. It could mean protection, or it could even mean reaching a goal like love. The shape of the arrow is perfect for the forearm and can be a simple tattoo or a set of arrows.


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