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The inscription Tattoo Lettering on the tattoo back women is a large and eye-catching picture. Especially if it’s a man’s back. But a woman’s back is also a favorite place to get tattoos.

The back is the perfect place for lettering. You can bold a word, or fill in an entire phrase with lowercase letters. Font, color, and word count can be anything.

For women, the inscription on the back is usually of a romantic nature and executed in a beautiful ornate font.

Tattoo Lettering

What are the best tattoos for the back?

The back is an excellent canvas for drawing tons of fantastic images with small, colorful details. In this article, we will tell you how to best choose back tattoos for girls and men, taking into account the construction of the body. In a selection of photos and sketches, we’ll give you interesting painting options.

On the back, you can apply pictures of small animals and birds, symbols, and amulets. They are usually located between the forearms, lower back, and shoulder blades, slightly trapping the back of the neck.

Large body images look beautiful, whether in black tones or vibrant colors. The surface on the back is flat and elastic, allowing craftsmen to make beautiful drawings with many small details. Among the bright and moving figures, there are many wearable paintings with India as the theme. They carry a certain divine meaning and powerful energy. It is necessary to choose such a tattoo on the back carefully because each color has a different interpretation: blue represents difficulties and misfortunes, and red represents victory and merit.

Tattoo Lettering Tattoo Lettering

hide body defects

With the help of body pictures, you can successfully hide body defects … For people with slender bodies, an inscription in English or Latin is suitable. If you arrange them between the shoulder blades and choose the right font, then the shoulders will expand visually, giving a masculine image.

For curvaceous girls and men, dark tattoos on the back will help to make the figure slightly slimmer. The underwear picture must be applied to the entire area seen from behind the seated position. You can choose any plot, the main thing is to choose the right elements. The flaws in the figure will be hidden in the clouds by the dragon. Celtic ornamentation and abstract lines are fluid and no small detail is perfect.

Back tattoos for women and men can smoothly transition to the neck, shoulders, ribs, arms, and buttocks. Symmetrical images or paintings look beautiful across the length, but on one side.

People think it’s not worth putting too many pictures: they look ugly, too attractive, and objectionable. It is enough to choose 1-2 tattoos that are color-coordinated and complement each other.

Skin fades and wrinkles appear as you age, especially in the waist area, so you need to monitor your weight carefully after applying the pattern. On the upper back, the picture will stay colorful and well-defined for a long time. The muscles here are very elastic and less prone to adapt to age-related changes.

Tattoo Lettering Tattoo Lettering

Does it hurt?

Having a tattoo tucked on the back can be quite unpleasant for both boys and girls. Will have pain in the ribs and shoulder blades, where the bones are close to the skin. Pain in the spine can be exacerbated, where there are many nerve endings. The rest of the back is less uncomfortable: the skin is mostly dense and thick.

please remember: A large, dense tattoo on the back takes 10-30 times, so it’s worth getting mentally prepared.

Back Tattoos for Women – Elegance and Mystery
Back tattoos for girls are a reflection of the soul and worldview, a message to others. With the help of 3D drawing, it is possible to highlight the dignity of the characters and hide their flaws.

They look beautiful if applied with narrow patterns, snakes, and quotes along the spine. They elongate the figure visually, giving it elegance and harmony. Modest girls prefer small tattoos in the form of cats, rabbits, hearts, and stars.

Letter tattoos for women look neat and cute, they reflect the thoughts and feelings of their owners. Quotes look beautiful when placed in an upright position from the shoulders to the middle of the back or over-the-shoulder blades.. These images, executed in black tones, look mysterious and captivating on beautiful figures. It is important that fonts have soft lines and curls. Sharp corner symbols don’t fit every shape.

Flower tattoos on the back of women add sensuality, mystery, and vulnerability to the image. Both monochrome compositions and color compositions look beautiful. The stem can creep up and down the body, or it can descend from the left shoulder to the right. Such photos are very aesthetic, emphasizing a thin waist and a beautiful back.

Back Tattoos For Men – A Symbol Of Courage And Victory

Men usually choose black-toned body designs. On the muscular body, the image is large and attractive due to the relief. Unlike women, more intense sex doesn’t actually get tattoos on the waist area.

A large part of their main body chooses warriors and historical events. Samurai is one of the most expensive and complex paintings. . It expresses loyalty and adherence to principles in life choices. Due to the wide range of shades, this tattoo on the muscular and athletic body looks attractive.

Tattoo Lettering

How to take care of your back tattoo?

A small picture will heal in a few weeks, but a large picture will take months to process. Try not to bend over at first, and if you need to lift something, sit down. Sleeping on your back isn’t worth it, risking ripping off the shell and complications. The map in that place will be distorted and the outline will be blurred. Try to turn your entire body and follow all the guru’s advice. Back tattoos heal faster for both women and men than on the abdomen or neck.

Don’t try to heal wounds yourself, especially large wounds on the body. When turning, you will feel pain and discomfort, it is best to ask your family for help.


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