Female Thigh Tattoos, Ideas and Sketches

Female Thigh Tattoos tend to look sexy on their own, but even more so in certain places, such as the chest and thighs. This is because there is not much to show, these places offer more, and in these places, women have the curves that characterize them in this way. That’s why many people decide to get tattoos there in an effort to look sexy. Also because it is a pattern that invites us from small and delicate to the largest, not only through the thighs but also through it, protruding to the back and legs in different directions. Next, we will introduce to you the original ideas

Thigh Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

There is a clear tattoo trend on the thigh area, especially on the side of the thigh. Designs that eventually spread to the legs, such as flower vines, where roses played a clear role in trend-setting designs. Filled or not, flowers, leaves, and even skulls are increasingly common patterns…

But don’t miss the pictures below, because there you will find original designs and tattoo ideas that women have done on and around the thigh area…

Female Thigh Tattoos

Crescent moon design with hanging details. A large Mexican skull tattoo with roses descends vertically from the hips to the legs. Bow tattoo on the back of the thigh.

Female Thigh Tattoos

The pattern tattoo with a blue butterfly pattern on the back of the thigh starts from the thigh and continues on the leg with a few words on the side of the thigh with flowers, very delicate and unbelievable design, starting from the thigh and extending vertically to the leg

Female Thigh Tattoos

A design, Depending on its appearance, can have different meanings.

Female Thigh Tattoos


A big bird with color on the thighs

Thigh tattoos

Female Thigh Tattoos

are mind-blowing, the phrase means “a dancer’s design with several colorful details on the thigh.” Various large designs on the thigh and calf section.

female calf tattoo

The thigh is also a place where you can create small patterns that you only see when the woman is naked or even naked, hence the sexiness of this tattooed area. Among the many small designs, the most classic, we find symbols such as hearts, flowers, moons, suns, geometric figures, and even multi-word phrases or meaningful words. But before we go on to tell you about all the possibilities that women can get small but delicate tattoos on their thighs, let’s take a look at the images below, where we’ve collected the best ideas and designs that you can’t stop seeing…  …Small but sophisticated..


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