Fearless Tiger Tattoo Designs & Meaning In 2023

The tiger tattoo is one of the most revered feline species on the planet. In summary, the tiger represents the way humans want to live their life – without inhibitions.

They are fierce and sensual, wild and indomitable, powerful and strong. They are driven by instinct and passion and are not limited by reason and rationality. These animals are solar totems, they are guided by the sun. As such, they are seen as fierce and passionate beings.

Popular culture

Tigers are also popular cultural characters. How not to think of Tony, Kellogg’s tiger or the global hit Pi’s Odyssey, Either way, the tiger is seen as a guardian or kind of protector who makes sure we eat a healthy breakfast or that we were traveling safely. In recent years, the cubs of a lion and a tiger have become memorable and lovable figures in our culture, and this curious blend of two powerful animals can be seen in zoos around the world.

In Chinese folklore, tigers are considered to be guardians of death. Decorating a tombstone or burying it with the image of a tiger is a way to pay homage to the soul of the deceased and ensure that the deceased travels smoothly to the afterlife. Their image is used to ward off demons and bad luck and the animal is often depicted accompanying the god of wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh. So if you want to bring some luck into your life, why not get a tiger tattoo?

Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoo meaning

The tiger is a perfect cat. Represents a large number of symbols, including:

– The power

– Brute force

– Dominance

– Energy (it’s a solar totem)

– Protection and role of the guardian

– Danger and destruction

– Royalty and nobility

– Passion and sexual worth

Variations of tigers tattoos

When it comes to buying a tiger tattoo, we can say that the North American expression “Make it big or go home” makes perfect sense.  Just like the pictures of most big cats, it’s best to place a tiger tattoo on a major muscle group. Thus, the beauty of the animal and the design will come to life with every movement.

Tribal tiger tattoos

The tiger is a powerful symbol of power and invincibility. This is why it is not surprising that elite soldiers get tiger tattoos. These designs are related to the belief that these tattoos bring the strength and energy of this animal totem to those who wear it and are a way to connect with them, to draw inspiration and resources from them. Tribal tigers tattoos represent power, strength, dominance, and fearlessness.

Tiger kids tattoos

It doesn’t matter if the tiger is an intimidating and frightening person, the tiger cubs only arouse admiration and cause a unanimous cry “ooooh, that’s cute!”. Tiger baby tattoos symbolize innocence and frailty. They are a living representation of the relationship between a mother and her baby.

Tiger Tattoo

Tiger eye tattoos

The eye of the tiger is not just a beautiful gem – it symbolizes concentration, patience and determination. The song “Eye of the Tiger” is the musical theme that best symbolizes the relationship between “a man and his desire to survive”. A tiger eye tattoo represents your most primitive desires – you move and think only according to your instincts. The tiger eye represents the animal in its purest state: looking, hungry, focused and, above all, lethal.

Tattoos of butterflies and tigers

The butterfly is a fragile creature that must be treated with love and attention. It is a symbol of femininity that brings us back to the concept of the “delicate nature of the weaker sex”. On the other hand, the tiger is a symbol of power, strength, passion and sexual prowess. These designs represent the most indomitable and hidden desires of the human race. A butterfly and tiger tattoo is actually a great juxtaposition of two seemingly unconnected concepts. This drawing essentially shows that one should never judge a book by its cover.

Blue tigers tattoos

Each of them has a vibrant color, has a specific task to perform, and represents a natural element. The white tiger represents autumn and metal. The black tiger controls winter and water while its opposite, the red tiger, symbolizes summer and fire. The blue tiger is the totem of spring and earth. Just like in the lord of the rings, there is a tiger guiding them all, the Yellow Tiger. She is a sun-born being who has a duty to maintain the unity of her companions.

Tiger Tattoo

Tigers and Dragons Tattoos

In Chinese culture, the tiger and the dragon are deadly enemies, fighting a fierce battle forever. Both are totems of Mother Nature and represent power, strength, passion, and desire. What makes these two creatures so different is the way they interact with the world around them.

But what do the tiger’s eyes symbolize in a tattoo?

The fact of tattooing the eyes of a tiger, both in men and in women, reminds us of an obvious passion for felines, with touches of sensuality that evoke mystery and exoticism. In short, the tiger clearly represents that life without limits and inhibitions that man would like to live; they are strong, sensual, and wild.

They are animals of great importance in different cultures. In Chinese legends, they are considered the guardians of the dead. 

Among the meanings of tattoos with this particular feline, we have the absence of fear, power, and strength. They also represent dominion, solar energy, royalty, and nobility. Other meanings include danger, destruction, passion, and sexual prowess.

Tiger Tattoo


The forearm is the place par excellence when it comes to choosing the area for this design.  This usually indicates that he is on the prowl, showing the patience and determination necessary to satisfy his most primitive hunting desires. A hungry animal focused on prey demonstrates, in particular, how lethal it can be.

Tiger Tattoo Tiger Tattoo


The preferred style for this design is black and white, with the detailed reproduction of each part of the fur giving more realism to the tattoo.

Do you already have your next tattoo in mind?

Tiger Tattoo


all the animals, perhaps the tiger is one of the most impressive: as majestic and elegant as it is dangerous. Given the beauty of this feline and its popularity all over the world, many people choose the tiger for their tattoos. In fact, tattoos with the tiger come in different styles, suitable for different points of the body and with different meanings, depending on the culture, the historical moment, and the personal concept relating to this animal.

What is the meaning of a tiger tattoo?

As we said, a lot depends on the culture and the place where we are. The conception that China and Japan have of the tiger is in fact very different from the Western one. If for us, in fact, the lion is the undisputed king of the forest, in the East it is instead the Tiger and holds this legendary title. For Asian countries, the tiger is a very important animal, representing royalty and nobility,  not only because of its strength but because it is nature itself that places it in the position of “leader of all animals”. With these characteristics, the tiger in China is also a symbol of strength, energy, elegance, and unpredictability.

Furthermore, according to the oriental tradition, there are different types of tigers, each with its own meaning that it is good to know a priori in case you intend to make a tiger tattoo. In particular, these are:

• Black Tiger: when in this shade, the tiger represents winter and water, but beware. In Eastern culture, winter means death, while water means life.

• Blue Tiger: obviously does not exist in nature, but according to tradition it symbolizes spring, fertility, and vitality.

• Red Tiger: represents summer, pure energy, and fire. As such, if not properly handled, it can also be harmful.

• Yellow or orange tiger: it is the classic tiger of the tradition and represents the sun. She is the leader of animals, the undisputed queen of nature, in reality as in myth.

In a more general sense, the tiger is also a symbol of luck, wealth, and good luck. It is therefore an animal with predominantly positive characteristics, a tattoo that carries with it an important suitcase, rich in tradition.

The styles for a tiger tattoo

The styles with which to make a tiger tattoo are endless. A classic” tattoo is one that takes its cue from oriental paintings, with tigers with their jaws insight, sinuous, perched on rocks, or surrounded by brilliant bamboo leaves. A very modern variation could be the watercolor style, which makes a drawing in itself challenging, lighter, and more dynamic. The portraits, on the other hand, are very fascinating, with their realistic style giving the impression that the tiger can come alive and come to life from the skin at any moment.


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