Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Designs And Ideas

In this article, we will talk about Dragon Tattoo Designs. Dragon tattoos come in different shapes, styles, and sizes, but most of them have a lot in common. This type of tattoo has become very popular over the years, and today it is nothing strange to see boys and girls with similar designs on the body with different meanings and symbols. Take a look at our wonderful picture gallery of dragon tattoo designs without being afraid, our dragons are harmless and they are just here to be observed.

Dragon Tattoo


The word “dragon” comes from two Greek terms: “dragon”, which means “large snake” and “drain”, which means “I see clearly”. Dragons are mythological creatures feared and admired at the same time in many traditions and mythologies of much of the world. It is a wonderful creature, generally thought of as an immense scaly, winged beast with enormous claws, capable of emitting fire from its mouth.

In Western cultures, dragons are often seen as menacing and terrifying monsters, but in other cultures, such as Asia, the dragon figure plays a very different role.

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Chinese and Japanese dragon tattoos are extremely popular, but there are many other dragon tattoo designs, all of which recall the incredible variety of world cultures and meanings of each person. Today, tattoo artists can create dragon tattoo designs in various styles, so as to make them in a traditional or modern way, they can give them a tribal or realistic style, or they can draw them with a terrifying, majestic or magical, and sweet look … There are many models for making dragon tattoos, the same goes for the numerous possibilities regarding the size and area of ​​the tattoo. In fact, some dragon tattoo designs may be relatively small, while others will occupy large areas of the body, such as the entire arm or a large part of the chest.

Meaning of the tattoo

The meaning of any dragon design varies depending on the elements that are incorporated into the design.

The dragon is an aquatic animal and normally symbolizes the subconscious and meditation; however, at the same time, it constitutes a symbol of masculinity, strength, power, and the primitive forces of Nature and the Universe. Dragon tattoos embody a variety of virtues and characteristics, including the following:

Variants of the tattoo

1. Asian dragon

Dragons are among the most revered creatures in Asian culture. Usually, these designs symbolize wisdom, strength, power, longevity, prosperity, and luck. Asian dragons have a more similar appearance to that of snakes that make their way through the path of existence and lack the bat wings that characterize the typical image of the dragon in the common European imagination.

2. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that first appeared in an ancient text found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. It is also known as the circular dragon tattoo and symbolizes the cycle of life The people who favor this design are those who identify with the cycle of birth and death because, perhaps, they have experienced a tragic loss in the past.

3. Sleeping Dragon

A sleeping dragon represents strength and power that remains quiet, ready to awaken when the need or the right time arises.

4. Gothic dragon

Tattoos depicting gothic dragons represent man’s power, strength, and primary instincts.

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5. Flying Dragon

The image of a dragon rising towards the sun is a symbol of ascension and progress. Perfect for those who have overcome a major obstacle and feel their life is moving on.

6. Yin-Yang Dragon

In Chinese culture, the dragon represents Yang, while the phoenix represents Yin. The Yang symbolizes the passionate and indomitable male forces like the sun (white half), while the Yin represents the more calm and rational part that corresponds to the Moon (black part).

7. Dragon and snake

Snakes are usually associated with healing and the god of Medicine, Aesculapius, while dragons are generally associated with the primary forces of nature and the elements of nature. In this sense, tattoos depicting dragons and snakes symbolize the conflict between science and superstition, between modern and traditional.

8. Tiger Dragon

In Chinese folklore, the tiger and the dragon are deadly enemies and are frequently depicted fighting each other. While both represent elements of nature such as passion, strength, and power and present different ways of interacting with primal forces, the dragon is an element of wisdom that focuses on understanding the fundamentals of the world, instead, the tiger often uses brute force.

9. Fairy Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of nature: it lives in dark caves (Earth) or lakes (Water), flies (Air), and is capable of breathing fire. Dragons tend to be masculine and powerful, while fairies are usually delicate, feminine, and strong. Tattoos depicting fairy dragons represent the contradictory and complementary forces of the male and female elements of nature.

10. Butterfly Dragon

The dragon represents masculine power and strength, while the butterflies represent feminine beauty and innocence. In this drawing, the two forces seem to balance and complement each other.

11. Dragon claw

A dragon’s claw symbolizes destruction and victory over evil. It is a symbol of power and boldness and is used by people who consider themselves strong, dominant, and capable of taking on anything.


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12. Koi Dragon

The elements of this tattoo have a strong connection with the oriental world, especially with Japan. Koi fish are brave, strong, and capable of facing even the scariest situation without fear. According to Chinese folklore, if a Koi made it up the river and managed to climb the fearsome Dragon Gate Falls (on the Yellow River), then it would transform into a dragon. As the Koi becomes powerful after passing all the challenges, a Koi dragon tattoo represents ambition and progress through hard work.

13. Dragon and Moon

The Moon has strong ties with Water, both in folklore and in reality (in fact, the tides of the Oceans depend on the Moon). Represents the flow of life, while dragons symbolize the primal forces of Nature.

14. Dragon in the flames

Fire is a symbol of creation (the phoenix rises from the ashes) and destruction, and in numerous folklore legends, dragons possess the ability to do both. These tattoos, they represent passion, sexual desire, and power. However, in Asian cultures, the dragon is a creature of Water. In this case, the tattoo can represent the balance between impulsiveness and mental tranquility.

15. Antirrino

Antirrhinum is a delicate plant with mysterious origins. Some tattoo artists usually represent it realistically or in combination with the figure of a dragon. This tattoo usually symbolizes disappointment.

Dragon Tattoo


In the medieval imagination the dragon spit fire with which it brought death and destruction to the peasants who lived on the products of the earth until the arrival of the brave knight who defeated him immediately. While in Europe the image of the dragon has taken on a negative image in the East it has always had an opposite meaning inherent in spiritual strength and wisdom as well as immortality, inner strength, and deep knowledge of one’s dark side with which to bless. themselves and others through intelligence.


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