Devil Eye Tattoo Design Try to 2023

In human history, the eyes are an important part of the body. People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, in many traditional cultures, legends about the eyes are prevalent. Whether it is Europe or Asia, there are traditional cultures about eyes. The legend of the devil’s eye comes from Turkey. It is a mysterious amulet

The Devil Eye is also known as the Evil Eye and the Blue Eye Its appearance is blue and looks very special. It is in the hearts of the Turkish people. high status. This kind of eye gives a very unique feeling, no matter where you look, it always feels like it is looking at you, giving you a sense of fear.

Whether it is from its literal meaning or its evil appearance, people always think that the devil’s eye is a sign of evil. In fact, this is a more one-sided understanding. The devil’s eye is a sacred amulet in the hearts of the Turkish people, it can block all evil things, and this symbol can often be seen in the traditional Turkish evil spirits, whether at home or outdoors.

In all tattoo designs, there are many different design ideas, and even different tattooists will have different ideas about the design style of the same thing.

The picture is a design concept with a religious flavor, placing the devil’s eye in the palm of the hand as if watching the front all the time so that all evil things can’t get close.

Devil Eye Tattoo

The tattoo for the eyes

The eye tattoo is a new generation technology that allows you to have perfect eye makeup at any time of the day.

Making tattooed eyes is easy, the treatment is part of the branch of permanent make-up, a highly successful and increasingly widespread aesthetic technique.

Suitable for those who have little time to devote to makeup, for those who practice sports, but also for those who want to correct certain imperfections, the eye tattoo is a perfect solution to have makeup and a look at the top even when you get out of bed. Let’s see what it is specifically!

Devil Eye Tattoo

Avant-garde technique eye tattoo

Thanks to this cutting-edge technique, permanent eyeliner makeup is no longer a problem and even those who don’t have time to apply the pencil and eyeshadow can have a face that is always in place. The eye tattoo is an ideal solution even for those unfamiliar with make-up and who find it hard to pass even eyeliner.

In this way, you can draw the desired line that best suits your face without fear that it will be crooked or that you may drool after a few hours due to the heat. Perfect to withstand even high temperatures and water, permanent makeup allows you to always have your eyes perfectly made up without resorting to retouching or further applications.

Perfect and flawless eyes with permanent makeup

Permanent makeup allows you to be perfect at any moment of the day, both during office hours and for social events, without having to stand in front of the mirror and struggle to be presentable.

The technique also allows you to eliminate imperfections and make changes in order to enhance the face. It is possible to correct eye asymmetries, thicken eyelashes and eyebrows, and all this without any surgery.

Devil Eye Tattoo

What can we do with the eye tattoo?

  • Inter-eyelash technique – ideal for redefining the eye by creating a more visible make-up
  • Eyeliner effect eye contour – ideal for outlining eyeliner and making the eye stand out better.
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Creation Treatment – ideal for recreating eyebrow creations even when they are not there
  • Treatment to hide bags and dark circles – indicated creating a play of colors aimed at hiding bags and dark circles

How long does a gradient eyeliner make with permanent makeup last?

After this period, only one retouching session will be enough to revive it, perfect it again, and have it perfect for another year.

An investment in time, since you will no longer have to make up your eyes and in money, since you will not have to buy many pencils anymore.


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