Can You Be A Tattoo Designer?

In the field of aesthetic treatments, getting a tattoo is a practice that is becoming more and more widespread. We can now say that it is the fashion of the new millennium in its own right.
Famous people helped spread this fashion. There is no footballer or show character who does not show on his body what are sometimes real works of art.

But how can you become a tattoo artist?

Care must be taken not to venture into the exercise of this activity without a professional qualification for at least two reasons:
– these are aesthetic practices with a high impact on people’s health and in particular on the treatment of the skin;
– it is a regulated activity subject to specific administrative and hygiene rules.
A ministerial circular governs the profession and provides for a mandatory training course.
In order to start the activity, therefore, first of all, it will be necessary to obtain a professional qualification as a Tattoo and Piercing Operator issued by the Region of belonging.
Subsequently, if you want to open a tattoo center, you need to obtain municipal authorizations and the ASL to comply with the rules on hygiene, health, and safety in the workplace and therefore have environments in accordance with the law.

Which training course should I attend?

To achieve the professional qualification of Tattoo artists it is advisable to choose training centers that have qualified and experienced teachers, who are available and able to transfer operational skills to their learners. Furthermore, the course must ensure practical workshops and supply of materials and equipment for each student, as well as guaranteeing an internship activity at studios and/or tattoo centers.

In Campania to become a Tattoo and Piercing Operator, it is necessary to attend a professional training course lasting 600 hours (of which 240 hours of internship at tattoo centers and studios), provided exclusively by training bodies accredited by the Campania Region for the profile specific. It is necessary to have a medium license to access the course. The professional qualification issued can be used throughout the national territory.
We would like to point out immediately that it is not necessary to be an expert in drawing to access the course, which also includes didactic drawing activities.

What are the career opportunities?

After obtaining the professional qualification, the tattoo expert will be able to open his own tattoo parlor or work both as a freelance and as an employee in existing structures.
There are numerous studies that have spread like wildfire and freelance tattoo artists in Italy and around the world.
The spread not only in Italy but in the world of the practice of tattoos is also testified by the numerous reviews/fairs with a considerable number of exhibitors, among which we mention the International Tattoo Fest in Naples.

How much does a tattoo artist earn?

From the point of view of earnings, we could say that it is one of the most profitable professions of the moment with an increasingly growing market. A tattoo artist even if only “good” can bill a minimum of 200/300 euros per day up to double or triple figures for the most well-known tattoo artists. About the cost of a tattoo varies between 50 euros for simple jobs lasting within 1 hour, up to 200 euros for tattoos of medium complexity (2/3 hours of work), and for jobs with a higher artistic content you can also get 500/700 euros for an average of 5/6 hours of work.

The requirements to become a tattoo artist

To become a successful tattoo artist you need a series of essential requirements. First of all, it is necessary to be skilled in drawing, but those who decide to undertake this career do not always think they are so good that they can make a profession out of it.

The answer is yes. Obviously, a good foundation in drawing is important, but poor preparation, perhaps because you have not completed the artistic high school or the academy, should not curb the desire of aspiring tattoo artists. By choosing a professional tattoo course, you will discover, in fact, that there are many techniques to create perfect tattoos even without special drawing skills.

Among the other requirements that a tattoo artist must have are:

  1. Knowledge of tools: it is necessary to know the devices, their use, and how to make tattoos in different ways.
  2. Knowledge of materials: their tolerability, the interaction of pigments with the dermal layers, the levels of permanence, and the hold and behavior of a tattoo over the years.
  3. The health and safety of the customer must be a priority: without in-depth knowledge, there is a high risk of causing serious damage and causing infections. Remember that you are working on a person’s body.
  4. Creativity and desire to experiment: fundamental skills to create something unique and tailored to the person who comes to you…

At what age do you become a tattoo artist?

One of the positive aspects of becoming a tattoo artist is that there is no age limit. You can become a tattoo artist at 30 or 40. Indeed, very often it happens that just as adults you decide to pursue your dreams, giving up everything and opening a tattoo studio.

So what do you need to do to become a tattoo artist? Studying and getting informed are two fundamental rules. To become a successful tattoo artist you also need a lot of apprenticeships, but above all, you need to know the rules and laws relating to hygiene and safety.


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