Butterfly Tattoo Meaning and Ideas in 2023

When we talk about Butterfly Tattoo change, transformation, or simply a transitional period, most people think of a flying butterfly. And it is no coincidence that these little creatures are a symbol of change.

flying butterflies

Every one of us knows that after a while the caterpillars turn into beautiful-looking and flying butterflies. The miracle of this transformation is one of the many reasons why today’s butterfly tattoos are a symbol of transformation and transformation. The delicate wings of the butterfly of each tattoo wearer symbolize the delicate soul, which is in search of tenderness and love.

Butterfly Tattoo

ancient Egypt

Even in ancient Egypt, many representations of butterflies are found as symbols of the spirit. In antiquity, another superstition prevailed and these insects not only symbolized the soul of man but also symbolized light and fingers. Even elves, these beautiful fairy tales were often depicted with butterfly wings. In Christianity, the butterfly symbolizes the resurrection, while the caterpillar represents life and the doll faces death.

If you have decided on a butterfly like this, you will really do no wrong, as these tattoos look really cool. As mentioned above, such butterfly tattoos can have different symbols – a very important role tattoo are presented here. You need to have some precise ideas about what your butterfly tattoo should look like. And later you can realize your own ideas. However, if you do not know exactly what you want, we recommend that you look at our article. Because here we show you many pictures and ideas about butterfly tattoos to inspire each of you and you can really enjoy it!

As surprising as it sounds, a tattoo depicting this lightly winged creature was a symbol of militancy in Mexico. The Maya had a belief: the souls of warriors who died on the battlefield would turn into butterflies and then flutter on the battlefields.

Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly tattoo in Europe

The meaning of butterfly tattoo in European culture is a symbol of spirit, rebirth, and new life. An unsightly caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, which has surprised the world with its reincarnation. Similarly, sketches of tattoos depicting a butterfly symbolize rebirth, the beginning of a new life. Perhaps that is why butterfly tattoos are applied at important moments in life, on the eve of decisive events.

butterflies flutter

In nature, butterflies flutter easily and freely, their image, applied to the body, gives the owner a particle of freedom and lightness. The outstretched wings symbolize openness to the world. A fluttering butterfly is freedom. Symmetrically located butterfly wings – harmony.

Which part of the body to choose for a butterfly tattoo?

While some people prefer a mini tattoo that no one can see, others do not hesitate to use large and well-defined pieces on their bodies. If you are a fan of discretion, your butterfly tattoo can find its place on the neck (hidden by hair, scarf, or handkerchief), on the back of the waist, on the ribs, and behind the lab. Inside the ear, wrist, or ankle.

Butterfly Tattoo

on the wings of love

In Japan, the butterfly is considered a symbol of fervent love, sparkling passion, as well as femininity. This little winged beauty was also said to be an attribute of the geisha, they saw in her a symbol of a temporary mistress. Perhaps this is where the roots of ideas about what butterfly tattoos mean in girls are frivolity and hasty love affairs.

The Chinese also saw a similar symbolism in this creature: in the Celestial Kingdom, the butterfly was a harbinger of love, entertainment, fun, and good times.

Surprisingly, representatives of almost all ancient cultures saw this insect as the embodiment of the soul of a dead person.

beautiful butterfly flies

Ancient people believed that the soul turns into a butterfly before leaving this world. For example, in some African tribes, the image of this little fragile creature has become a metaphor for the life cycle: Initially, a person is a gullible caterpillar, which becomes a pupa in old age, then dies, and a The soul in the form of a beautiful butterfly flies to another world to prepare for a new incarnation.

Different people have made their own adjustments to the interpretation of this symbol. Among the Aztecs, for example, only those who played an important role in the life of society, namely mothers and warriors, turned to these insects. The Slavs believed that this beautiful creation of nature could be one of the hypostases of a werewolf, so butterflies often had a hard time.

Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly wings

There is also an ancient myth about Psyche (which, by the way, is to some extent the basis of the story of Cinderella), which the gods endowed with the gift of immortality so that she could become the wife of Cupid, who is the son of Aphrodite, make love with her Sundar Manas had to endure the bullying of the goddess of love, who envied her, from the intrigues of the evil sisters, to eventually reunite with her lover. On ancient Greek frescoes, you can find images of Psyche with butterfly wings, which served as a symbol of her beauty and attainment of immortality. Therefore, a butterfly tattoo for girls can symbolize sincere and pure love that can overcome any obstacle.

Let’s see what the girl’s butterfly tattoo means:

The image of a butterfly indicates an extraordinary personality, capable of thinking creatively beyond all templates. This bright passionate girl who loves to indulge in dreams strives for creative self-realization.

Life is full of joy. The image of a butterfly indicates a person who does not worry about trifles. The owner of such a tattoo has a habit of taking everything from life, she will not waste time on unnecessary doubts, preferring action.

stylistic solution

Realistic tattoos from talented craftsmen can look so cool that they might even take your breath away. For example, a 3D butterfly creates the illusion of a real living creature sitting on your shoulder, and it is only after looking more closely at the drawing that it becomes clear that this is just a high-quality tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly

On the Internet, you can find pictures of thousands of realistic works: very small depictions of a butterfly with flowers against a clear sky and bright green grass. And each sketch has its own unique characteristics, its own taste.

Watercolor Butterfly If you go to a master who specializes in this style you will look charming. He will be able to convey all the beauty, lightness, and fragility of the feathers, which we so admire, while adding bright strokes of paint with smooth transitions of colors, like a train left by feathers.

If you want to depict in all the small details the drawing that decorates the wings, then keep in mind that such a work should be quite large. A horizontally elongated sketch would look good on the top of the chest or upper back. For vertical patterns, the shoulders, forearms, thighs, and lower legs are suitable, and a miniature butterfly behind the ear on the wrist or ankle will unobtrusively add brightness to your image.

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