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Brilliant Cross Tattoos To Showcase Your Faith

It’s hard to find someone whose cross tattoos have nothing to do with Christianity.This is logical, considering the ubiquitous spread of religion (and its implantation in previous centuries), however, the symbolism of the cross is much older, its imagery can be found in archaeological finds, and its History goes back to a time when no one had ever heard of Christianity.cross tattoos

Cross tattoo meaning

Most interestingly, this symbol can be found in different ancient cultures around the world, many of which are not related to each other.

This suggests that the ancients, regardless of their place of residence and religion, actually saw something sacred on the cross. Today, no one is surprised by jewelry, prints on clothes, or tattoos in the form of crosses.

Types of Crosses

By choosing the right version of the cross, you can choose the style and composition more easily.

    • The swastika is the Egyptian “key of life” and one of the most important symbols in ancient Egyptian culture. Based on archaeological finds and deciphered texts, historians believe that the Ankh is a symbol of wisdom, immortality, and rebirth.
    • From an aesthetic point of view, the symbol is very interesting and it will fit perfectly into a plot dedicated to ancient cults, mythical heroes, and legendary battles.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Symbol, History

symbol of Celtic culture – one of the most beautiful and popular styles of tattoos. All kinds of animal festival crosses and pictures of different parts of the human body are not only decorations but also carry profound philosophical connotations.

cross tattoos cross tattoos


The Celtic symbol in the modern world is often referred to as Ireland. However, this is not entirely true. Celts – a group of Indo-European languages, which appeared in Europe around 2000 BC. i.e. historical facts justified their desire for complete independence, which led to the fact that the tribes had retreated under pressure from the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean. The area was in the 2nd century BC. i.e. they settled in the ancient Celts, which became the territories of modern Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. It is with these regions, that global awareness, is combined with a unique symbolic culture. She grew into what we call “the Celtic tattoo.”



cross tattoos

The continuity and life cycle nature of all Celtic tattoo symbols. They weave spirals and loops while having no beginning and no end. Not just the symbols of the ancients used for “imprints” on the skin, but only the main ones.

  1. Celtic Knot – Thread, clearly marked symmetrically interwoven. This tattoo means the designation of the eternal cycle of life. A node can be a separate graph and part of a complex composition. Distinguish love knots, which symbolize the union of loving hearts, and three-tier organization. The female connection begins with the recent embodiment of the three Celtic goddesses: Virgin, Mother, and Coron. Christianity later expressed the three knots as a symbol of the Trinity.
  2. Celtic cross – tattoo, the origin of which is due to being pagan and Christian. The last noted character appears in Ireland through the tradition of St. . Pagans also believed in the connecting elements of Celtic cross tattoos (water, fire, wind, earth), or the four sides of the world.
  3. Celtic tree – image in the form of stylized branches or stretched hands towards the sky. It symbolizes the connection between the universal axis and the world, where the root – which is hell, the trunk – the present and branches of humanity – or the future celestial being. Often at the base of the tree is a Celtic cross or sunbathing.

Some of the popular designs also contain clover suns (circles), animals (wild boar, wolf, fox, deer), people, mythical creatures, and various combinations of these symbols.


The marked tattoo variations were approximately 75% of all subject’s Celtic patterns. In this case, there is no statement, which means there is no consensus on the Celtic cross tattoo. Depending on the situation and the owner’s preferences, he can symbolize:

  • Christian religion.
  • God’s love for man.
  • Fertility and prosperity.
  • Faith is in the way of hope and truth.
  • sun.
  • Memories of the dead.

The connection between Christianity and paganism, life and death does not cross one of the most popular ornaments.

cross tattoos

There are 2 types of Irish hybrids, each of which is popular in tattoos in the field:

  1. Equivalent to inscribed Celtic beams in a perfect circle. The ends of the beams may protrude slightly beyond the circle, and the places where they join do not close the circle. Symbols in this form depict human skin, metal, and stone of the pre-Christian era.
  2. St. Patrick’s Cross with Extended Bottom. With the spread of Christianity in Celtic symbols, it became a more traditional crosshair but retained a pagan symbol – a circle.

cross tattoos

Both Celtic cross tattoos contain variations specific to the endless nodes located in the rays, which make the characters one of the most recognizable faces in the world.


When a tattoo can be of any color scheme. Traditionally, Celtic cross tattoos are done with black or green ink. But there is a ban on the use of other colors, and often bright colors are used in the main characters, and other elements (wings, flowers, phrases).

cross tattoos

Pagan symbols are considered a universal tattoo that applies equally to men and women. In practice, most men prefer to tattoo Celtic crosses on their shoulders and back, always in this large image capture. Women, instead, opt for smaller tattoos and concealed places for their application – forearms, wrists, inner ankles, and the base of the neck.

For a long time, people have sampled no strict characters. Any type of tangle and form can be used when you create a tattoo. However, the Celtic cross tattoos, sketches, and masters of which tattoos were created remain a sacred symbol.


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