Best Rosary Tattoos ideas and Their Meanings

Today we are dealing with how Rosary Tattoos ideas can involve and also affect the intimate and religious sphere.In fact, we will talk about rosary-shaped tattoos, unisex designs that combine faith with a pure and purely fashionable factor.

Today we will understand together how to tattoo this design on your body, which part of the body to choose, which variants to consider, and what possibilities present themselves to men and women who are evaluating this very subject.

Rosary tattoo Rosary tattoo Rosary tattoo

The meaning of the rosary

Let’s start by clarifying that, as can be guessed, the rosary has a strong religious connotation, since it represents faith at 360 degrees and in fact allows you to accurately count the prayers made, without losing count.

Choosing to get a rosary tattoo, therefore, means first of all fixing one’s Catholic faith and making it visible in this way also to the outside world, without hesitation and shame.

Moving away for a moment from what is purely religious meaning, the rosary is a symbol that can also indicate safety, certainty, the possibility of always and in any case being able to count on support, on something that gives us the strength to face the life and the obstacles it places before us.

Decorative element

Then there is a much lighter motivation, namely the one that compares the rosary to a very normal necklace and therefore to a purely decorative element, without considering the meanings that it can hide.

Indeed, the rosary certainly has an elegant and interesting shape; the hanging part goes well with many parts of the body and the single balls can be represented in different ways.

How to tattoo the rosary?

We referred to the unisex character of this subject.

Male subjects often decide to fix the rosary on the chest, as if it were a necklace. Instead, women prefer to use the rosary as a kind of decoration for wrists and ankles.

Another aspect to evaluate is related to the placement of the rosary itself.

Yes also to the rosary intended as a bracelet, less invasive but just as noteworthy.

Where and how to tattoo the rosary? Some examples

We sifted through the photos of our friends to take inspiration from them and understand where to place and how to draw the next rosary.

We have noticed that, as mentioned, the rosaries on the chest are very popular among men, which we have however also found in some women.

Rosary tattoo Rosary tattoo Rosary tattoo

Shoulder blade(Rosary’s tattoo)

Frequently both men and women also appear the tattoo on the shoulder, or rather on the shoulder blade, with the cross can take on different dimensions and connotations depending on the tastes.

The rosary can also be the protagonist of small and elegant tattoos.

Very small, it can become a bracelet or a refined anklet to embellish and make women’s bodies more sensual.

In all cases, consider that it is also possible to apply variations to the original theme, replacing the classic balls with roses, hearts of various sizes, or even skulls.

Variations and customizations are also possible from the point of view of colors. In fact, we have seen and appreciated tattooed


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