Best Eye Tattoo Designs & Meaning – 2023

The tattoo that sees an eye as the main subject dates back to ancient practices that used the design of this part of the body as an amulet against evil spirits. The eye embodies many meanings and a strong symbolism which is the inspiration line of many tattoos. The eye is the mirror of the soul, it looks inside us, it is revelation and regeneration.


The ability that the eye possesses to visualize allows it to create a mental image, a potential that we all possess and that we always use, consciously or not, because the gaze inevitably reveals our feelings and our true intentions. Thus the eye can be a  symbol of creativity and self-healing.

Eye Tattoo

It has always been a symbol, together with the hand, of divine powers in the universe. This feature precedes the Christian era and comes from Mesopotamian cultures and in particular from ancient Egypt, where it was the hieroglyph of divinity. “In the hieroglyphic language the eye is the verb that is to see, but it also contains the meaning of creating”. Among the many meanings related to the eye, which inspire those who decide to tattoo this part of the body, we find the mystical eye, knowledge, protection, determination, and stability, in pursuing a goal, but also the limits of visibility.

One eye can symbolize evil, as in the case of the Cyclops and monsters endowed with destructive power, or it can be the only eye of illumination, the eye of God and eternity, that which is complete in itself.


  • Christian: as far as sacred architecture is concerned, the eye is the opening towards the sky in the center of the dome of a temple, a cathedral, or any other “center of the world” built according to traditional criteria, it represents the solar door that gives access to the celestial regions.
  • Celtic: the evil eye, symbolizing envy, is the antithesis of the heart animated by generosity and compassion.
  • Egyptian:  “Gold’s eye and brow denote strength and power. Two winged eyes are the two visions of the sky, the North and the South, the sun and the moon, the celestial space.

Eye Tattoo


Among the tattoos with the subject of the eye, the eye of Horus or Ra, which in Egyptian culture represents the  Sun, is much appreciated. It is a magical symbol, a source of rebirth that the Egyptians depicted everywhere characteristic tattoo is also reproduced in many modern tattoos. The eye of Horus is dominated by the eyebrow and underlined by a spiral. Here the drawing of the eye represents the eye of the Sun while the spiral symbolizes the universal motion that animates all life forms in the universe, from the tiny cell to the great constellation.

Furthermore, among the many meanings related to the Eye of Ra, we also find that of protection from evil.


However, there are those who prefer the color version, to give a more artistic touch to the tattoo and embellish a symbol that is aesthetically very simple.

Eye Tattoo

Human Eye Tattoos Design

Eye tattoos are a very popular category and an increasingly common option among people of both genders who want to make a design for their body art collection. This type of tattoo can be really intriguing if done right. In addition to tattoos with strength and visual impact power, eye tattoos also have great significance and an incredible symbolic charge.

Also, this type of tattoo features a great deal of variation in the designs, some people opt for an eye that has as much realism as possible while others want a cartoon-style one. In this way, open your eyes wide and enjoy our fantastic picture gallery of tattoos with eye designs, we are sure you will love the designs.

The meanings of this type of tattoo can be very numerous, always depending on the different cultures, the different religions, and, as it could not be otherwise, the different particular beliefs and life philosophies of each person. In Christianity, for example, the eye often represents religion itself and God, and consequently, the shape of the eye’s design shows the soul and faith of the person in question.

In addition to what we have already said, eye drawings can represent a lot of concepts, such as perception, life, religion, concentration, clarity of thought, intuition, protection, the inner world of any person, intelligence, or premonition.

Eye Tattoo

A girl’s point of view

If choosing a good tattoo artist is as important as choosing a good drawing, when it comes to eyes, the former perhaps becomes even more important. The reason is that when someone makes the decision to get an eye tattoo, they want the design to be as real as possible.


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