Best Chest Tattoos for Women in 2023

Chest Tattoos offers a wide range of styles for all tastes: realistic, Maori, black and white, old school, lettering, tribal and geometric tattoos. Thanks to its many years of experience, Livio Tattoo will be able to help you decide on the right design for you and your skin.

The chest is one of the most chosen areas by men. This area gives your tattoo great meaning, especially when placed close to the heart. In fact, many people often decide to tattoo their child’s hand, the crest of their favorite team, the name of their partner, etc. near their heart.

The tattoo on the chest, like the one on the back or on the arms, is very visible (especially in summer) when you are at the sea or in the pool and a tattoo of great visual impact. Furthermore, this area of ​​the body, being very large, allows more or less large tattoo sizes. Plenty of room for the imagination: graphic shapes, animals, writings, etc.

Female chest tattoos

As mentioned earlier, the chest area is preferred by men. In reality, especially in recent times, women also seem to appreciate this area very much. The most popular female tattoos are Mexican skulls, colorful flowers, birds, stars, minimal lettering, etc. Furthermore, women can play with the clothes they are wearing and show more or fewer parts of the tattoo.

Chest tattoos can be done in both colors and black and white. Livio Tattoo will be able to give you the best advice based on the color of your skin.

Chest tattoo ideas and styles

The chest is a suitable area for any type of tattoo, especially if the chest is large and smooth. This is why chest tattoos have become more and more popular in recent decades. Typically when a person decides to get a tattoo in that area, the first concern is with the style and location of the design. Often, in fact, it is not known how and where to place them. For this reason, Livio Tattoo will help you with your choice and will direct you to the best style and position.

Also, if you are not completely sure about the size of the tattoo, remember that chest tattoos are suitable for enlargement after the first tattoo. The work of art can therefore always be completed at any time.

If you are a lover of the Maori world, Livio tattoo offers a wide choice of magnificent designs concerning that culture. If, on the other hand, you want something particularly strong and aggressive, why not get a realistic face tattoo of a tiger or an eagle? Whatever you decide to get a tattoo, with Livio Tattoo you will certainly be satisfied.

Chest tattoos for women

Phrases to tattoo on the chest for women

As in the case of women, it is not the same as in men for obvious reasons, we have made a distinction because for women’s tattoos should be a little smaller. Furthermore, its placement will depend on the silhouette of each one. However, the sentences can be valid for both men and women. You decide!

1 Never a failure, always a lesson (Never a failure, always a lesson)

This sentence, which can be read on the body of singer Rihanna, is a declaration of intent. You can wear it on your chest as a motto to apply to your life because you always learn from mistakes.

Chest tattoos for women

2 La vie en rose (Life in pink)

Are you one of those who see or want to see everything pink? This is your sentence! And, if you are fond of that color too, much better. It is also very short, so you can wear it in just about any area of ​​the chest.

3 Don’t forget to love yourself

A sentence that summarizes everything you need to do in your life. Before you love or love others, you can never forget yourself, right? He loves you and lets the world do too.

4 Drive with your heart

In life, it is essential to be guided by our hearts and we must act according to our feelings. This simple sentence reflects just that. Are you happy?

5 I refuse to sink (I refuse to sink)

Chest tattoos for women


This phrase is usually tattooed next to a ship anchor and is phenomenal both under the chest and on top. Do you have the courage to put it on your skin? You certainly won’t regret doing it.

6 Reality is wrong, dreams are real

Sometimes we think that we will never reach our dreams, without realizing that we live in them. These words invite reflection and can be perfect for decorating your body.

7 Sometimes you have to fall before you fly

Not everything in life is a path of roses. To learn from mistakes, you must have failed more than once. The important thing in life is to take risks.

8 I’m the hero of this story

If you are A strong woman, a fighter and you eat the world Every time you leave the house, this is your sentence! Don’t hesitate, each of us is the real heroine of our life.

9 Carpe Diem

The typical phrase that you can tattoo on any part of the body is perfect for the chest. You can put it both below and above, or even on the sides. Its significance? Catch the moment!

10 Fly with my wings

You have to live as an independent woman and ask for help when you need it. And most importantly, always fly with your wings. This phrase is perfect for any woman worth her salt.

11 Forever young (forever young)

Are you a dynamic, original, and very active girl? Choose this phrase for your chest. Even if you have surely seen it many times, these are two words that can represent a whole life.

12 No Violence

The famous line from the animated film “The Lion King” is written in the Swahili language and means live and be happy, don’t worry. It is a wonderful phrase for tattooing!

13 Never stop dreaming

Don’t forget that life must be lived in the best possible way. Of course, taking into account your dreams, your illusions, and your goals.

14 Happiness is a journey, not a destination

On the path of life, we ​​spend a lot of time looking for happiness when it is not something to look for. It is a way of life and it is represented in this sentence in the best possible way.

15 Happiness (Happiness)

Chest tattoos for women

A simple word is also perfect for tattooing on the chest, as Dulceida did. The girl got the word tattooed under her chest and there is no doubt that she is awesome.

16 Never say never

When it comes to living life fully, we can’t limit ourselves to our routines. You have to get out of your comfort zone and take a risk because we don’t know what fate holds for us.

17 Without the darkness, we would never see the stars

We need to realize that every moment of life is unique, even if we sometimes have fun. But, as always happens, calm always comes after the storm. And after a bad time, there is always an apprenticeship.

18 Remember who you are and what you stand for

Never forget who you are, the personality you have, and even your tastes. Never allowing anyone to try change your way of being.

19 All you need is love (all you need is love)

If you are a romantic girl, who lives in love with all her soul, this could be your word for the chest. Do you need love in your life? Go ahead and get tattooed!

20 You deserve what you dream of

If you have a dream you have to make it come true, whatever it is, since you deserve to get everything you care about. Even a tattoo!

21 The best is yet to come (The best is yet to come)

Many times we sink in the face of adversity, but the thing to keep in mind is that everything will happen. And above all that the best is yet to come.

22 Art is life, life is art

Are you all an art lover? You can choose this phrase that will represent your life, who you are, and even your illusions. What a reason these words are!

23 Love is blind (Love is blind)

Once again a love phrase that reminds us of the true meaning of that feeling so pure and beautiful. If you think love is blind, this is your sentence.

24 Life doesn’t wait

You have to live in the present because if you wait for the future the days will pass without being enjoyed as you wanted. You shouldn’t miss the moment, every minute counts.

25 C’est la vie (This is life)

Chest tattoos for women


If you are looking for a simple, inspiring, and timeless tattoo, this is your phrase. You can do this either on the side, as above or below the chest. You decide which area you prefer to wear.

26 Even angels fall

Everyone has ever suffered, and everyone has risen. You must continue, even if you have sunk in some moments.

27 Don’t worry, be happy (Don’t worry, be happy)

This well-known phrase can perfectly sum up your philosophy of life. Leave your worries aside and focus on what matters most – be happy.

28 Do what you love

Dedicate yourself to doing what you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget there is only one life, so it’s time to use yourself fully in what you love.

29 Life goes on

Despite all the troubles and bad times that come your way, life goes on and you have to get up every time you fall.

30 Serve me, serve you (save me and I will save you)

The Latin phrase for those who believe in love, friendship, and solidarity. What do you think if you tattoo it under your chest? It can be a great idea. If you are looking for simplicity in a sentence.

31 While there is life, there is hope

is the last thing you lose right? And, although difficulties fill your path, you have to go ahead with your head very high.

Phrases to tattoo on the chest for men

Although some of the sentences for women are also perfectly valid for men, the truth is that in this case, they can be much longer. You can tattoo a small text on a breastplate, on the side area, or even under the neck. You sure like the idea!

32 All I want is my folly

There is something positive about insanity, and it is that you live your life as you think without thinking about what other people think. Do you want to tattoo this phrase? Give!

33 The only impossible thing is what you don’t feel

There is nothing impossible in this life, let alone if you don’t try to get it. You have to take risks and try to get what we propose. Right?

34 Don’t count the days, make the days count

Don’t let a single day go by without doing something useful. That is, she tries to go to bed every day with a smile on her face.

35 Never a victim, always a fighter

This inspirational quote will give you the keys to living your life by fighting for your dreams every dayAnd even if you fall, remember that you should always get up.


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