Best Bird Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings (2023)

I believe that many people have had this idea for sure. Because Bird Tattoo are symbols of freedom and freedom, they can fly wherever they want, but when looking at reality, if we want to fly, there is only one way to take a plane. Therefore, what will answer the question is a symbol that conveys freedom. freedom of life is “Bird Tattoo” Today, BEAUTY HUNTER hunts for ideas that are beautiful and hidden with good meanings, cool people, hip people, don’t miss it!

As is known, the “bird” is a symbol of independence. Therefore, people with It have their own style, so it’s popular to get a bird tattoo. because the hidden meaning is good There is a gimmick in itself, just seeing the tattoos makes me feel relaxed. I already know and feel freedom and freedom. even though life at that time was uncomfortable Alright, let’s go look at the ideas that we have brought together. There are small birds, big birds, striped birds, single birds, couple birds or come in a flock.

.Tattoos | wrist is good for the heart
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swallows and sparrow tattoos

Bird Tattoo Design

From the beginning of the conquest of the sea by people, The swallow has always been one of the symbols of maritime tradition  … partly because the swallow was the first bird that could be seen when sailors approached the shore. The sight of the swallows means a safe harbor is on the horizon. The swallow becomes an anchor: a sign that even when the water is boiling but everything is fine The story of sailors and swallows begins in the British Navy. The crew decorated their bodies with swallow tattoos is thought to help them return home safely.

Bird Tattoo Design

Swallow tattoos are also an important step in a sailor’s life. The greater the distance he could travel safely.

The ancient Egyptians also revered these birds.  For them, swallows and Bird tattoos were powerful stars and guardians of living dead souls. Swallows are also seen as beings of the sun. And their existence symbolizes resurrection and new opportunities.

Bird Tattoo Design

This concept is consistent with Christianity and in many scriptures, the  Swallow/Sparrow is mentioned as a sign of resurrection and revival of hope.  During the persecution of Christians, in some circles, sparrows and swallows symbolized Jesus Christ and showed that He continued to watch over His faithful followers. The famous gospel song echoes this biblical idea (  his eye is on the sparrow  –  his eye falls on the swallow)  – if the Almighty watches closely the soul of the humble bird (swallows) him. will surely watch over the souls of believers …

Bird Tattoo Design

The symbol of the dead swallow represents the loss of freedom. Swallows have an independent and indomitable spirit and are considered the most difficult bird to invade a home.  And they would rather run away than stay nearby and sing obediently.

Sparrows and swallows – symbols of the Greek goddess  Aphrodite, personifying love and longing. Classic writers such as  Shakespeare were not afraid to use these birds in their works as symbols of passion and passion. But even with a variety of characteristics But the swallow is a symbol of motherhood. These are loving mothers who are ready to do anything to protect their children.

Bird Tattoo Design

The meaning of the swallow tattoo

These  birds are  associated with some powerful attributes:

  • safety and security
  • prophecy
  • motherhood and family
  • freedom and independence
  • love and kindness
  • hope and abundance
  • prison

Bird Tattoo Design

swallow tattoo option

1. Swallow tattoo

It has a design that reflects the traditions of the tribal culture. Black and white swallow tattoos are beautifully intricate and represent the religious image of the bird and its connection to the spirit world.

2. Tattoo in the form of two swallows.

for sailors, Swallow tattoos have become a milestone in life. Two swallows on the chest or shoulders (on each side) indicate their journey across the equator. (out and back) Accomplished or completed a 5000 nautical mile journey in place The placement of the swallow tattoo changes the meaning of the drawing  … Swallows on both wrists mean that you are a fighter. On the side of the road, he’s definitely going to jail.

Bird Tattoo Design

3. Tattoo with roses and swallows

The rose, like a swallow, is a symbol of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. This design exemplifies eternal love and is often made in memory of your loved ones with the seafloor. Swallows are considered guardians of the spirits of the dead. Make this design the perfect tribute to the lost love and loved ones who have passed away.


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