Best Back Tattoos For Men Cool Design & Ideas

Back tattoos for men have gained increasing importance over time, ranging in styles, today we will see some of them understand the reason for choosing this portion of the body.

The back is an ideal place

A tattoo on the back can be small, medium, or large but generally, those who choose the back for their tattoo tend to cover a good part of it so this “space” is more suitable for large tattoos.

On the back it is possible to create all kinds of designs, calculating that it is a large area capable of allowing the execution of large and complex designs also as regards their details.

Back Tattoos For Men

Don’t constantly see the tattoo

Here is a second and no less important reason why some men and some women choose to have their back tattoos done.

There are people who prefer places they can see and observe constantly, such as:

  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Legs (front)
  • Neck
  • Otherwise

Because they prefer to be able to constantly observe their tattoo, while others prefer not to monitor it once it is finished so they choose areas of the body that they can observe only rarely, it may seem strange but this also happens in fact.

Back Tattoos For Men

The role of the internet

By now those who get a tattoo share it almost immediately on social networks, there are those who argue that the references to the ego in this sense are today more explicit than in the past, and in fact, they are not completely wrong, but the internet is not just social.

The subject: The first thing

When searching for a tattoo the first consideration that must be made is that of the subject.

  • Tribal
  • Floral
  • Japanese
  • Realistic
  • Dedicate yourself
  • Old School

here are some styles to consider and the subjects will be made through one of these or other genres. The back is often decorated with tribal tattoos, other times with Japanese motifs that tell real stories, but if you have a realistic image that you want to reproduce on your skin following the lines of the body, then you can take it to your tattoo artist and have it made for you.

As for the back tattoos for men, abstract and/or geometric motifs are also good, schematic reproductions of animals or realistic subjects but made with precise styles so a gallery can be a valid starting point to choose your style and what you think can be the best in your case.

In conclusion, if you intend to tattoo your back, look at the images below and do thorough research to understand how best to proceed with the subject you have chosen.

Back Tattoos For Men



Back Tattoos for men

are among the most popular and there are many cool ideas and designs to be inspired by. Why is this point of the body one of the most loved? It is a very large and wide area, which allows us to create an important representation, which therefore requires a large area. In addition, it is one of the areas where you feel less pain, which is why it is also very popular with women. What are the best back tattoos? There is no single answer because everyone has their own tastes, but in this article, we will reveal to you which are the most common designs.

Among those that certainly go for the most, we find the

tattoo of wings on the man’s back.

Why exactly is this representation? It is a part of a winged figure, often made in memory of a loved one who passed away, but it is also linked to the desire to fly, or rather to be able to walk one’s own path with only personal strength. In some cases, we find winged angel tattoos, other times, always thinking about who is no longer there, we opt for the sun tattoo.

The oriental inspiration is very strong and there are many who have characteristic Japanese landscapes imprinted on their skin but also dragons, carp, lotus flowers, samurai, and other elements of this nature. In the same vein, we also find some men’s Maori tattoos on the back and some with a more minimalist cut; it happens more and more often to see very simple drawings, sometimes even characterized by a single thin line. Great success also for

Back Tattoos For Men

tribal tattoos for men on the back,

because they represent something historical and much loved but sometimes meaningless. If you prefer something colorful, you can always choose an old-school representation, with hearts, sailing ships, anchors, and other characterizing elements. Of course, they are always quite impressive, which is why it is rather difficult to find small tattoos for men on the back. This is an extended portion of the body that lends itself well to large designs or, in other cases, becomes a veritable testament. There are many cases that attest to tattoos on a man’s back with lettering because you often want to remember phrases, songlines, or other words.

In our gallery you will see a nice selection of the best tattoos for men on the back: look at them and maybe you will find the one that suits you best.

How To Make A Tattoo On The Back

If among the various areas of the body you are thinking of tattooing your back, or a part of it, here are some considerations regarding the tattoos that can be done and the points in favor of this area compared to many others.


Getting a tattoo on your back is fascinating, but …

The Tattoo On The Back

The back is the widest part of our body, where it is possible to tattoo any subject with truly surprising aesthetic results.

Due to its conformation, and in particular thanks to its large surface, the back is the most suitable part for the creation of large tattoos.

Discreet Back

Not only because the space available allows the tattoo artist to draw any subject in detail. But also because it is a little exposed area.

It remains covered for almost all of the moments.

Consequently, if you have an important or very eccentric design tattooed on your back, you will not necessarily have to subject it to everyone’s view on every occasion.

As it happens instead for very exposed areas such as the hands, the lower part of the arms, or the neck.

The back tattoo is also recommended for those who think they can get tired of always having their tattoo under their eyes.

Realizing it in this area of ​​the body in fact it will always be part of you but without becoming a constant for your view.

In addition, the back is an area of ​​the body that suffers little from the passage of time. This is because it is less subject than others to the force of gravity and skin aging.

This will ensure you always have a perfect tattoo that will not undergo major deformations even if you gain weight, as it can happen to other parts such as the belly and chest in particular.

Back Tattoos For Men

The Back Tattoo Is Unisex

They can be impressive tribal tattoos and bring out the male musculature, as elegant and feminine subjects belonging to the various schools of tattoo art.

The back is ideal, for example, for making beautiful Japanese tattoos.

Or for the suggestive Thai tattoos that can cover this area, entirely or almost, with fascinating stylized temples.

Unless you have decided to tattoo your entire back, there are various areas of it that may be more suitable for some subjects rather than others.

In addition, there are real trends that see some points of the back such as, for example, the spine becoming a must in recent times.

Subjects For A Tattoo On The Back

Long vertical writing or colored and captivating flowering branches can bring out the shape of the back.

And decorate a female body in a truly elegant way. so

Obviously, this is a rather sensitive area. This is because it is rich in nerve endings and in which there is little fat, but the final result is really worth it.

The shoulder blade area, much chosen by women, lends itself well to writings and twin tattoos with classic wings in mirror subjects.

Finally, the lower back, almost exclusively female, is a very sensual area.


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