Best Arm Tattoo Designs For Women With Meanings – 2023

TO Have you ever thought about getting an arm tattoo on your arm? It is definitely one of the best possible choices if you are craving a tattoo. The arm tattoo for men and women is a great option if you are looking for a tattoo that is generally in sight, especially during the hot season, but it can also be a hidden part of the body where you can imprint personal and deep designs. Not only that, the arm tattoo is also one of the least painful, so if you are afraid you can start here!

The arm lends itself to numerous types of designs, from small tattoos to written arm tattoos to larger and more prominent ones, colored or black and white. The Maori arm tattoo, especially the Maori bracelet, is one of the most requested especially by men or by those who love tribal and traditional tattoos. Among the various options, there are also large arm tattoos that border on the shoulders and back, but there is no shortage of feminine and more delicate arm tattoos, such as those with flowers as a subject, ideal if you want a small woman’s tattoo on the arm.

At this point, all that remains is to find out which arm tattoo to do through the photos of the most beautiful, men and women. Ready, girls and boys? So let’s get started!


There is no doubt that tattoos on the arm are among the most requested ever, especially by those who are not afraid that tattoos are seen a lot; yes, there is always the possibility of hiding the tattoo with clothes or other tricks, but we are sure that if you choose a colored arm tattoo this will not be the case!

Arm Tattoo Designs

The choice of the subject and the position of the tattoo on the arm for men or women does not change, if not based on personal tastes: whether it is a small tattoo on the forearm or a large subject on the bicep, the colored tattoo will reflect the everyone’s personal style.

But how to choose the arm tattoo style? There are those that appear to be painted on the skin, such as old-school tattoos, and those that perfectly mimic the watercolor effect also called watercolor tattoos.

Arm tattoos: photographs to help you choose them

It is not easy to choose a tattoo. In fact, the design will remain on your skin for life and therefore you must opt ​​for something that fully convinces you. This is true for both the arm and other parts of the body, such as the ankle.

So, use all your creativity if you are a skilled designer, or study your next tattoo with a tattoo artist you trust. Let him take advantage of your artistic skills and you give hints, ideas, and suggested changes. Too long? You can easily choose one of the thousands of ideas on the internet and draw inspiration or, you can copy it and ask for just a few small changes!

How to choose the right tattoo for you

First of all, you have to decide where on the arm to do it and if it should also cover another area, such as the shoulder, a part of the back, the neck, etc. Nobody forbids you to choose a small tattoo, such as a swallow or a four-leaf clover.

After precisely you have to decide what to tattoo. From here it is then natural to choose the size of your tattoo. Do you want to know which are the most common (but not trivial) tattoos? Here you are satisfied!

Arm Tattoo Designs

The initials

They are the most popular. Small

and discreet, they can be tattooed anywhere on the arm. The initials can be yours, those of the parents, of a friend, of the boyfriend, or even those of the dog. In our opinion, it is good to be careful. While the initials are not as demanding as the full name, they are still risky.

The only ones you will probably never regret are those of your children, perhaps the parents and the dog, but beware of friends and boyfriends who are here today and who knows tomorrow! You may find yourself dealing with the initials of someone you hate now, well stamped on your skin by the way.


Tattoos with lettering

They are not always the same as names, sometimes they can be quotations or passages from books. They can be verses from songs or a thought that you have given birth to at a particular time in your life. These types of tattoos are usually linked to particular memories and lend themselves well to the arms because they go in length. Short lettering is usually tattooed on the wrists, and long ones on the forearms.

Arm Tattoo Designs

Maori tattoos

Maori tattoos, much loved by both women and men, are abstract designs with tribal shapes. The Maori are in fact a population of Polynesia, which uses the tattoo as a sacred rite. They themselves have practically covered the body. This is because they consider the tattoo as a ritual that accompanies the person during growth, marking the various “enterprises”. In fact, every now and then they are retouched according to the changes faced.

Here in Italy, the most common type of Maori tattoo is the Kirituhi one. You can choose from many different styles and there is certainly no shortage of ideas on the internet. Our advice, however, is to look for a good tattoo artist expert in this kind of tattoo, who must also be aware of the culture of these fascinating people.

Arm Tattoo Designs


Floral motifs are the most popular, perhaps more among women than men, but they are still very popular. Climbing plants up the arm, but also other much more stylized versions. They can be small and inconspicuous or large and eccentric.

Colored or black and white?

Arm Tattoo Designs

One of the most common questions is this. Do I get a black-and-white tattoo, or do I choose a colored one? The decision is yours alone! It all depends on your taste and what you are looking for. Colored tattoos are clearly more suitable for example if you choose to tattoo flowers or a particular figure if you want a cheerful tattoo. However, it is not easy to know how to carry and can be boring in our opinion. Much better than the black and white tattoo from this point of view, but the defect is that in the long run, it can be a bit flat.

Arm Tattoo Designs

There are tattoos that necessarily have to be black and white, such as the Maori. . Don’t forget that there are many in between. For example, you can choose to get a tattoo with a maximum of one or two colors, in addition to black and white. Evaluate well and as always, ask your tattoo artist for the advice!

Tattoo for men or women?

Arm Tattoo Designs

In our opinion, there are no exclusively male or female tattoos. After all, everyone has their own tastes and, even a very strong tattoo such as a tiger tattooed on the arm is not the exclusive prerogative of the male sex. The important thing is that you choose a tattoo that you feel comfortable with, that you are not ashamed to exhibit, and that you feel is an integral part of you.

Let’s take flowers, for example, both men and women get these tattoos. But pin-ups are also very popular with both sexes, some for one reason and some for another.

How to choose the right tattoo?

It is not easy and you have to do it very carefully. In this article, however, as you have seen, we have given you several ideas, especially visual ones. Below we add a gallery where you can find both the photos saw so far and other new ones. Our aim is to help you find the right idea that will lead you to create the perfect tattoo for you! Browse our gallery and, through the comments, let us know what tattoo you have decided to get yourself!


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