Awesome Feather Tattoo Design Ideas & Meanings

Want a feather tattoo? We all fall for this idea of combining aesthetics and multiplicity! The feather is one of the most tattooed symbols. Both charming and discreet, the feather tattoo currently enjoys impressive popularity, which is explained in particular by the aesthetic aspect of the design. But not only! In addition to allowing many variations, the feather is a drawing that hides a multitude of meanings. Obviously, before getting the first pretty feather tattoo unearthed on the Internet, you have to penetrate into the secrets of the design.

feather tattoo meaning

The history of the pen goes back a long time. Historically, in several cultures, the feather was the symbol of a connection between the human being and a God, a Spirit, or the Universe itself. Among the Celts and Egyptians, the feather embodied the link with nature and the Gods. Warriors of some tribes wore the feather to display the number of victories won. The examples mentioned so far demonstrate that the feather tattoo was charged with essentially spiritual or statutory symbolism. In some tribes, the feather was the symbol of audacity and courage. Values ​​like loyalty and strength were measured by the number of feathers bestowed.

Feather Tattoo

the symbolism of the feather tattoo

Over the years, the symbolism of the feather tattoo has been transformed. Today, drawing embodies intelligence, the elevation of spirit, and creativity. It is believed that the meaning and interpretation of the design varies depending on which animal the feather belongs to. Thus, to represent intelligence, one must opt ​​for an owl feather; for valor – an eagle feather; for beauty – a peacock feather.

A way to transform your body into art and engrave a message on your skin, the tattoo is supposed to be a real amulet depending on the meaning given to it. Undeniably aesthetic, the tattoo pen embodies many symbols, which explains its title as one of the most used creations in tattoos. Pretty, light, and fragile, the feather can symbolize protection, freedom, peace, and also strength.

symbol of infinity

Tattooed alone or incorporated into a more complex pattern, the feather allows many possibilities. It can be associated with other symbols such as the symbol of infinity, a dream catcher, a heart, a treble clef, etc. It is not uncommon to see a feather inserted into a garter or used as a pendant on an ankle or wrist bracelet. For example, the meaning of the infinity feather tattoo, a linkage that does not go out of fashion, is different for each tattooed person. This is so because we attribute a very particular meaning to these two symbols. In our opinion, the infinity (the absence of limits) which is associated with a feather, symbolizes the aspiration to fly away, the freedom of the eternal spirit.

Feather Tattoo

When it comes to the style of feather to get tattooed, the choice is quite extensive. To decide, you have to look at the meaning of the pattern because each type of feather evokes something very particular. Thus, the peacock feather, for example, is the symbol of fidelity and fertility – in Greek mythology, and of immortality – in the Christian religion. If you want to get a tattoo of a design designating peace, harmony, and love, stop your choice of the dove feather.

eagle feather tattoo

The eagle feather tattoo is meant to be a symbol of strength. In Indian culture, the eagle is considered the king of birds, possessing all the qualities of the others. Messenger of good news, the swallow promises to bring good luck to the tattooed person. Getting a raven feather tattoo means the loss of a loved one.

What styles are available to you? Increasingly popular, tattoos are a true art that continues to develop. So, the styles to choose from are very varied. The feather tattoo can be done in different ways. Realistic, graphic, dot work, minimalist, in watercolor or black and gray – the result is always super original.

Areas of the body

At the level of the areas of the body that one gets tattooed most often, one proudly wears the indelible feathers on the forearm, the nape of the neck, the collarbone, the leg, and the torso. Obviously, the location of a feather tattoo depends mainly on the size of the design. Towering feathers are usually tattooed on the leg, forearm, and shoulder blade. As for more discreet tattoos, they are reserved for the ankle, the wrist, the fingers, the area above the elbow, and behind the ear.

Feminine and sensual, the feather tattoo allows all the audacity! Although it is difficult to evoke all the symbols inherent in the pattern, strong symbolism deserves to be mentioned. The feather evokes freedom and the aspiration to explore, escape, and fly away

Feather Tattoo Feather Tattoo

Colorful mandala feather tattoo

The mandala feather tattoo is very interesting from a symbolic point of view. By associating the mandala, a motif embodying the essence of life, and the feather, which symbolizes the freedom of the spirit, we appropriate a tattoo with a strong spiritual meaning.
Small and discreet, the feather tattoo will bring a sensual side to a woman’s look. Placed in the right place, the design will keep its charm and will not lose its beauty even with age. The tattoo is very often a little secret that we want to hide at work or on a daily basis. That’s why you have to pay great attention to the location of your tattoo.
If we count on discretion, obviously, we must avoid places that are too obvious. Even though the feather tattoo is really small, the fingers, wrist, collarbone, and neck are among the immediately visible places.

Peacock feather tattoo on leg

In order to keep his feather tattoo for himself, we have to choose between the places that are generally covered by clothing – the torso, the back, the ribs, the stomach, and the groin. Of course, the choice depends on your personal style and the clothes you like to wear. Tank tops, skirts, and open sandals won’t (or completely) hide a tattoo.
Before getting a tattoo, one should carefully consider the following topic of reflection. A badly placed and too visible tattoo risks closing a lot of doors for you. In addition, we must not forget that the appearance of a tattoo does not remain unchanged. Drawings fade, colors fade, and lines become less clear over time.
Feather Tattoo Feather Tattoo

There are certain criteria to take into account to avoid ending up with a deformed tattoo after a few years. The design to be tattooed should not be too big or too small. The smaller the drawing, the simpler it should be. It is therefore necessary to seek a reasonable ratio between the size of the tattoo and the features.


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