Attractive Scorpion Tattoos with Meaning

In ancient mythology, scorpion tattoos have many symbolic meanings, both good and evil. In the vast history, people have endowed the scorpion with many characters, making the image of the scorpion more three-dimensional and plump. Therefore, the scorpion tattoo has attracted many tattoo lovers. So what is the meaning of scorpion tattoos? In this through the following points, make a detailed introduction.


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 Contents: 1.

Appearance characteristics of scorpions

2. Living habits of scorpions

3. Protection level of scorpions

4. Meaning of scorpion tattoos Appearance features of scorpions

Scorpion Tattoos

Adult scorpions look like a lute, and the entire body is covered with a highly chitinous crust. The adult scorpion is about 50-60mm long, with obvious body segments, consisting of the cephalothorax and abdomen. The body is yellowish-brown, the ventral surface and appendages are lighter in color, and the fifth segment of the back abdomen is darker. Most scorpions are dioecious, with slightly different shapes. The cephalothorax, consisting of six sections, is a trapezoid.

The cephalothorax and the front abdomen are combined together, called the trunk. The back is covered with a cephalothorax, which is densely covered with granular protrusions. There is a pair of middle eyes in the center of the back, and on each side of the front has 3 side eyes and 6 pairs of appendages. The first pair is a whole limb that helps with feeding. The second pair is a long and thick horn that resembles a crab claw, which is responsible for predation, touch, and defense. The remaining four pairs for footsteps. The mouth is located at the bottom of the ventral front cavity.

The anterior abdomen is wider and consists of 7 segments. The posterior abdomen is a flexible and narrow part, consisting of 5 somites and a tail spine. The first section has genitalia, which covers the genital opening. The female scorpion can give birth to the young scorpion from the genital hole, and the male scorpion can produce the sperm rod from the genital hole, which intersects with the female scorpion’s genital hole.

Male scorpions

Male scorpions have only two fine rods in their bodies and can only mate twice in their lifetime. The female scorpion mates once and can give birth continuously for 4 years until the end of life. The lifespan of a scorpion is 5 to 8 years. Scorpions are ovoviviparous, and fertilized eggs complete embryonic development in the mother’s body. The temperature is between 30 and 38°C for calving. Scorpions have no ears and rely on sensory hairs on the surface of their bodies for almost all of their movements. The sensory hair of scorpions is very sensitive and can sense the movement of cockroaches within one meter. The sensory hair of scorpions can detect extremely weak vibrations, and even the weak movements of air currents can be detected.

Scorpion Tattoos

Second, the living habits of scorpions

Scorpions are completely carnivorous, and very few species will consume a small amount of plant-based feed (such as all scorpions), Feeds on invertebrates such as spiders, crickets, small centipedes, larvae, and nymphs of many insects, and even small geckos. It finds the location of its prey by means of auditory or tarsal hairs on its tentacles and suture sensory organs.

Desert scorpions were able to identify cockroaches that burrowed to a depth of 50 cm. When a scorpion feeds, it clamps the prey with its tentacles, lifts its back abdomen (scorpion tail), bends it forward of its body, and stings it with a poisonous needle. It is composed of six sections and is trapezoidal. The back is covered with a head carapace, which is densely covered with granular protrusions. The muscles outside the poison glands contract, and the venom flows out from the opening of the poison needle. The venom of most scorpions is sufficient to kill insects, but not fatal to humans, causing only severe burning pain. The scorpion uses its chelicerae to slowly tear open the food, first suck the body fluid of the prey, then spit out the digestive juice, digest the tissue outside the body, and then inhale it. Eating is slow.

 1. Scorpions are nocturnal animals.

They like the tide and are afraid of dryness, and they like the dark and are afraid of strong light stimulation. They like to live in groups, are quiet and do not move, and have the habit of recognizing nests and groups. Most scorpions settle in fixed nests together. Generally, in a large group of scorpion nests, there are males and females, large and small, living in harmony, and killing each other is rare. But if it is not the same nest of scorpions, they will often kill each other after encountering.

2. Scorpions have the habit of hibernating, usually in the middle and late April, that is, after the sting, they start to hibernate slowly. The activity time is about 6 months throughout the year. During the day, scorpions mostly come out from 8:00 to 11:00 pm after sunset and return to their nests at 2-3:00 am the next day.

This activity pattern is generally on warm, windless, dry nights, and rarely on windy days. 3. Although scorpions are warm-blooded animals, they are still relatively cold and heat-resistant. The temperature of the external environment is between 40 ℃ and minus 5 ℃, and scorpions can survive. The growth, development, and reproduction of scorpions are closely related to temperature. When the temperature drops below 10°C, the scorpions are less active. When the temperature is lower than 20°C, the scorpions are less active. The most suitable temperature for their growth and development is between 25 and 39°C

When the temperature exceeds 43 ℃, the scorpion will die quickly. The activity, growth, and reproduction of scorpions are closely related to temperature, and the optimum temperature is between 35 and 38 °C. Therefore, we must pay attention to mastering when we artificially breed scorpions.

Scorpion Tattoos

 4. The growth and reproduction of scorpions

are also closely related to the humidity of the external environment. Wild scorpions in nature, if there is no rain for a long time, will burrow into the moist place about 1 meter deep underground to hide and hide; when it is rainy and there is water on the ground, they will climb to higher places to hide. 5. Scorpions like the dark and are afraid of light, especially the stimulation of strong light, but they also need a certain amount of light in order to absorb the heat of the sun.

improve digestion, speed up growth and development, and facilitate the process of embryo hatching in pregnant scorpions. According to reports and observations, scorpions have a positive trend toward low light and a negative trend toward bright light, but they prefer weaker green light. 6. Scorpions have strong avoidance of various strong odors, such as paint, gasoline, kerosene, asphalt, various chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, quicklime, etc.

Third, the protection level of scorpions

The scorpion is a national key protected animal, a scorpion can kill more than 10,000 harmful insects such as locusts a year. Wanting to catch scorpions to reduce their numbers sharply will result in the proliferation of harmful insects, seriously disrupting the ecological balance and causing damage to crops. According to experts, scorpions have three generations and only breed once a year. The breeding season is from June to September.

Scorpion Tattoos

Fourth, the meaning of scorpion tattoos

In the more popular tattoo patterns, scorpions have always been a pattern that many people like. In some traditional tribes in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, basically, you can find scorpions where you can find scorpions. Patterned tattoo.  In ancient mythology, the scorpion was a symbol of betrayal, death, danger, pain, evil, hatred, and the devil. Many legends hold that scorpions are aggressive. He plays the role of a killer, devouring small animals.

You’ll see the Scorpion King in cartoons, games, or comedies, all because of its deadly stinging tail, especially for small animals and the elderly, and the sick. The legend of the scorpion all over the world is related to its stinger, which is used for defense. In Tibet and Egypt, scorpion amulets are used to ward off evil spirits, and Isis, the Egyptian goddess of nature, used a giant scorpion as a bodyguard. Usually, in ancient times scorpions were used to guard the gates leading to the underworld.

If we look for some historical materials, it is not difficult to find that there are more or fewer stories about scorpions in many ancient countries. Orion in ancient Greek mythology was a giant and hero in ancient Greece. He once encountered a confrontation with a scorpion, but in the war, the scorpion stabbed his foot and unfortunately became the constellation of Orion; From this point of view, the good side of the scorpion is really greater than the viciousness and evil we usually think of it. It is not difficult to explain why many people choose the scorpion pattern as their tattoo pattern. In fact, it is good or bad. Evil or evil, as long as you have your own interpretation in your heart, is suitable for you.

Scorpion Tattoos

5. The taboos of scorpion tattoos

pay attention to the taboos of scorpion tattoos. Some people say that scorpions are one of the five poisons, and it is best not to touch them. This kind of argument is too unfounded, and it is not a live scorpion on the body, is it possible that the five poisons have something to do with tattoos? The tattoo master is not a monk or a Taoist priest. He can’t consecrate the light, and he can’t do those ghostly things. He just painted a picture on your body skin. It’s not that complicated. Don’t worry about your tattooed scorpion coming back to life.

Simply from the tattoo design will not make you unlucky or good luck, and there is no such elaborate, these five elements and eight characters and so on are some poor craftsmanship at the beginning, and they can’t get business before they come out to deceive customers, so What are the lucky tattoos on their side, and there are some eighteen Taoist priests, fortune tellers, and teachers on the Internet who add fuel to the fire and everyone agrees. It is useless to want to change fate through tattoos, everything is necessary Change it by yourself!

If you plan to tattoo, you should pay attention to these:

1. The personal skills and hygiene of the tattoo shop master;

2. Whether family members feel disgusted;


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