Amazing Anchor Tattoo Designs for All Ages Try to 2023

The Anchor Tattoo is one of the most popular designs in tattooing.
In this article, we will find out what are the meanings of anchor tattoos.
We will also see the most popular designs and a gallery of tattoo ideas about them.

Tattoo Meaning Anchor

Anchor Tattoo Designs

The anchor is a subject rich in symbolism.
Let’s see what are the most popular meanings related to anchor tattoos!

Meaning tattoo again:

  • Fortuna
  • safety and stability
  • loyalty
  • hope
  • salvation
  • wedding ring
  • protection

Anchor Tattoo Story

Anchor Tattoo Designs

Besides being one of the most popular designs in tattooing, the anchor is also one of the oldest.

The first to use it, at least as far as we know, were the Christians.
In fact, during the persecution of them by the Roman Empire, the anchor replaced the cross.

Also, anchor tattoos have always been associated with sailors.
The reason is simple: the anchor represents safety and stability, two very important factors at sea, especially when away from home.

In the twentieth century, especially in America, these tattoos were used as a symbol of identification by the military and navy.

To this day, anchor tattoos are still very popular and take on different meanings based on the design and personal experiences of the wearer.

Anchor Tattoo Design

As we saw in the first paragraph, the main symbolism of the anchor is related to concepts such as safety, stability, and protection.
In any case, in the tattoo, these meanings can vary depending on the style used and the other elements present in the tattoo.

So let’s see what are the most popular and interesting designs regarding this subject and discover their meaning.

Old School Tattoo Ancora

Let’s start immediately with the most famous design: the traditional anchor.
As we saw in the old-school tattoo article, in this case, the anchor symbolizes stability and security.

Tattoo Anchor with Rose

The association between the anchor and the rose is very popular.
Both subjects are very versatile and together they mainly symbolize love, fidelity, and honor.

The color of the rose can affect the meaning of the tattoo: for example, the red rose represents passion, while the rose represents innocent love.

Meaning Anchor and Heart

The anchor and heart tattoo is also one of the most popular.

Symbol of love, compassion, and joy, it is often used as a couple of tattoos to represent the stability of a relationship.

Small Anchor Tattoo

Being a very versatile subject, the anchor fits perfectly into small and minimalist designs.

Tattoo Anchor Family

The anchor represents security and stability: what is the safest harbor for each of us, if not the family?

Anchor and Timon

The association of the anchor with the rudder derives from the deep bond that both subjects have with the sea and navigation.

Anchor Tattoo Ideas

In this article, we have seen the history of anchor tattoos, the symbolisms of this subject, and which are the most popular designs and their meanings.

So here we are at the most awaited paragraph: tattoo ideas.
Below you will find a gallery of ideas regarding anchor tattoos.

We sincerely hope that they will help you find the design from which to draw inspiration to create the perfect tattoo for you.


The tattoo again, like many other subjects of the marine world ( pin-ups,  sailing ships, eagles, mermaids, lighthouses, compasses, daggers, hearts, diamonds   ) is one of the great classics of Old school tattoos, even if in recent years it has been revisited. in many different styles. The anchor, due to its great importance in navigation, was considered in ancient times a symbol of salvation. Initially, it was relegated only to the world of the marines, or those who dedicated their lives to the sea. The tattoo still has many meanings but the one par excellence is the relationship of intimacy with the sea.

Over the years the anchor tattoo also spread among those who do not have a great relationship with the abyss but who attribute to the anchor a bond with another person.

Christianity also adopted the anchor as a symbol of hope for future existence. Hope is still of the spirit, sure and firm.
. In the lower part, on the other hand, the fourth crescent moon appears as a symbol of the lower waters, of the concavity of the Holy Grail, and therefore of the woman.


Stabilitythe anchor symbolizes stability, it gives support to the ship that is always in motion, and stormy. We will find it in those who consider themselves a fixed point in the life of the people around them.

Safety: the anchor represents the means by which the ship remains anchored to the mainland, for this reason, it is a symbol of safety.

Loyalty: the anchor is non-transferable and firm to the ground. It symbolizes this fidelity so it is very popular for couples’ tattoos.

One final clarification, the anchor tattoo varies its meaning based on the simultaneous presence of other subjects
within the same design, such as, for example, flowers, ropes, rudders, mermaids, skulls, or pin-ups.


Although the tattoo is still one of the cornerstones of the traditional old-school style, it lends itself perfectly to being interpreted in other styles: the watercolor tattoo manages to mix the solidity of the subject with the ethereal effect of watercolor, with a result of the sure effect. The realistic tattoo on the other hand shows the astonishing rawness of this subject, amplifying all its forms. The tattoo can still be placed in any area of ​​the body: in the minimal version, it is positioned in areas such as the wrists or neck, in the larger and more elaborate versions it is preferred to place it in very visible parts of the body: the arms, shoulders.

Tattoo again: why to do it and which one to choose!

If when you think of an anchor tattoo you immediately think of Popeye, you are very wrong! Although the well-known cartoon character is certainly one of the most famous seafaring symbols in the world, and although the presence of an anchor is closely linked to his image, in reality, the symbols and emotions that imprint an anchor on one’s skin can give they are much broader, deeper and more complex than you can imagine. So let’s try to understand what it means to get a nice tattoo with an anchor, and why, even today, there are many women who choose to improve their aesthetic appearance through the communication that the anchor can guarantee.

Tattoo origins still

Let’s start with a little introduction to the meaning of the anchor tattoo. This well-known tattoo mainly symbolizes a very deep and intimate bond with the sea. It is precisely for this reason that many people such as sailors and pirates, in the past, tried to imprint this special relationship on their skin.


Anchor Tattoo Designs

Tattoo meaning still

Today the meaning of the anchor tattoo has become much more varied For example, many people decide to get a nice anchor tattoo as they believe this symbol means – with good reason! – safety: a safety which is, moreover, guaranteed by stability and land, given that the anchor allows the ship to remain stationary, even in rough seas.

Again, the anchor is an element capable of symbolizing stability. As already mentioned in the preceding lines, in fact, the anchor can guarantee a secure grip on something that is always in motion.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

Tattoo choice again

At this point, and before leaving you to our photo gallery with 30 photos of anchor tattoos, a small helping hand to guide you in choosing the best tattooFirst of all, remember that the anchor tattoo is still a favorite of the so-called “old school”. It is in fact a very traditional tattoo, a practically universal symbol that you will be able to find anywhere in the world with identical meanings. This, of course, does not mean that there is not enough room for some more modern and innovative interpretations. Talk about it with your tattoo artist of greatest reference, and we are sure that you will be able to find the solution that will best appreciate your search for beauty and communication.



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