17 Awesome Chest Tattoos Ideas in 2023

Chest Tattoos Ideas are one of the best ways to express yourself – many people consider the chest to be one of the best areas to show off tattoos. Certainly, this is a very popular and large area, allowing you to create practically any design. In recent years, the number of men and women who decide to get a tattoo on their chest has increased more and more. But why have they become so popular? Below we will give you all this information and many more.

The chest, so close to the heart

The chest is one of the most important parts of the body because it is located close to the heart. When you decide to get a tattoo in this area, you demonstrate the importance you place on the heart over reason. Also, if you’ve ever tattooed this area before, you’ll know exactly how painful it is and this further demonstrates its importance.

When you go to choose the tattoo that you are going to have made on the skin it is essential to choose a motif that has a very important meaning for us: only in this way will we never come to hate the tattoo. The most popular options for this area are portraits of your own children, other family members, or a very close friend.

Chest Tattoos

While all tattoos have meaning, placing them on your chest means you want to bring them close to your heart to remember them forever.

An advantage: when we want we can hide it

Getting a chest tattoo means that unless you decide, most people won’t be able to see your tattoo. For some, keeping their tattoo hidden is a very important aspect. In fact, it may be that you don’t want to show your tattoo to everyone you know.

Chest Tattoos

Most common location and size

Other very important aspects to consider are its exact location and size. Depending on what you prefer, you can decide that the tattoo also covers a part of the neck, shoulder, or stomach. Portraits of children or spouses are generally placed on the upper chest, near the heart. Other popular options include tribal designs, religious designs, family designs, angels, and many more. They are used to express one’s love, respect, and many other things.

If you’re not completely sure what you want, seek out a professional tattoo artist to help you discover other possible options.

The 17 best chest designs and their relative meanings

1. Tribal tattoo

Chest Tattoos

This huge tribal tattoo stretches across the chest and symbolizes the awakening of the emotion of a warrior entering combat. The lines of this tattoo are artistic, strong, and bold. The solid areas create a strong contrast with the shaded area found in the center of the chest, which attracts the eyes and soul of the viewer who is prompted to take part in the warrior story.

2. Owl

Chest Tattoos

This tattoo transforms the body into a real work of art. The realistic details can make the owl come to life, so much so that its eyes seem to peer into your soul. The detail of the feathers with the full moon in the background of the image will bring you to a face-to-face encounter with wisdom itself.

3 Eagle

Chest Tattoos

The strong and magnificent eagle. Her claws are open and ready for battle. Her wings extend across her chest. This tattoo is used as a symbol of pride, the struggle for the homeland, and the struggle for justice.

4. Wolf

Chest Tattoos

Of Native American roots, this tattoo symbolizes the fact that you yourself are invoking the tribe. The wolf, strong and ferocious, is what connects us to the past knowledge of the leader and the spirit of the warrior. This impressive tattoo takes the whole realism to another level because it allows you to look any subject in the eye and know who they really are. It also represents a tribe that continues to thrive through the one who wears the tattoo.

5. Still with roses

This anchor lies on a bed of roses. The roses seem to comfort the anchor, while the anchor appears to offer protection to the sweetness of the flowers. This is a good reminder to remain calm in the face of the trials that life puts before us. Strategically placed on the side of the chest, at the heart muscle, one can remain confident without worrying about what is going on. It indicates appreciating the beauty that life has to offer regardless of the circumstances.

6. Heart

Chest Tattoos

Here we see what is the internal functioning of the heart, which gives us the feeling that not everything is always going as it should go. This design brings remarkable realism through symbolism. We see the heart like a machine, which, however, could break at any moment. Given the violence of the scene, we can only assume that the heart has been taken away from where it should be. And we wonder if the wound will ever heal.

7. Tiger

Chest Tattoos

This wonderful masterpiece looks like a real painting depicting a flashy image of a tiger in the center. Her stripes combine perfectly with the black that contrasts with the yellow. This image is further enhanced by the two charming women who wear roses behind their ears and are on either side of the tiger.

8. Phoenix

The phoenix has always symbolized what gets up after a fall. In fact, it is precisely in getting up that victory is found. This beautiful colorful tattoo adorns the shoulder and reminds us that we must continue to fight against adversity.

9. Letters and tribals

The combination of the flowing text with the straight lines of the tribal-style tattoo serves to symbolize the union between what is weak and what is strong. The mighty protects the weak and covers and protects those he loves.

10. Skull or Skull

Chest Tattoos

This awesome realistic tattoo turns out to be very eye-catching to look at. The eyes and mouth of the skull remind us that although we try to hide from death, we still cannot do it forever.

11. Leo

Chest Tattoos

There are few images that manage to represent strength, leadership, and courage like the lion. This ferocious beast is always ready to attack and protect. A detailed and realistic tattoo lets us know that the one who wears it is a businessman and that he is perfectly capable of dominating his possessions.

12. Butterfly

Designs intended for tattoos for women are getting more and more colorful and vivid and this tattoo is certainly no exception. The chest design features a very colorful butterfly, a very popular design anywhere in the world and for any part of the body. The design focuses on multiple colors.

13. Peacock

Peacocks are characterized by impressive colors and that is why they are one of the favorite birds of women. In reality, there is no color that stands out in a particular way. Altogether they form a beautiful and brilliant creation that covers the chest with typically feminine grace.

14. Royal crown with two roses

This is a tattoo that can make you feel like you are a royal. This brilliant crown is accompanied by two roses that feature different shades. The artist managed to make all three elements very realistic and integrated them perfectly inside the chest. They are ideally positioned and this is capable of giving even more of an idea of ​​royalty.

15. Bat

Bats turn out to be very fascinating creatures to many people. If you are one of these people, then you will love the idea of ​​wearing this large chest tattoo. Despite being an animal characterized by dark colors, there is no lack of details that make it even more realistic. Furthermore, the dark effect is kept to a minimum.

16. Dragon

This dragon’s head is so artfully crafted that it seems almost possible to feel it. It’s amazing to see what an artist can create without even using colors. The sharp teeth and scales give it a very dangerous appearance. If you like dragons, this one will stand out perfectly on your chest.

17. Vintage clock with roses

Chest Tattoos

This elegant vintage watch with chains is a very original idea for a tattoo to be done on the chest. It shines in the center of the chest as it rests in the hole of a skull surrounded by large roses. Two white doves spread their wings to either side as ribbons whirl freely around them.


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